Smarter Solutions for a Thirsty Planet
PWX is the water sector's global exchange - to select, fund, manage, and assess impact of all water and sanitation projects.
Philanthropy 2.0
            creates collaboration
                                    is decentralized and scalable
uses crowdsourcing                           is transparent
                empowers through participatory decision-making
                                                creates verifiable impact
This site has created a real breakthrough approach, providing the coordination, information and evaluation so critical for the success of water improvement projects. This community also provides easy access to best practices, helping water groups grow stronger and more effective through collaboration and peer review.
Earl Blumenauer
U.S. Congressman, 3rd District, Oregon
Co-Sponsor of the Paul Simon 2005 Water For The Poor Act
and 2009 Water For The World Act
PWX addresses the challenge of scale! By dividing up the work and increasing the number of expert resources at very low cost, PWX can manage thousands of small-scale projects for the long-term: from funding to impact. PWX helps competitors become collaborators; as they work together, learn, and share, we create the impact we desire. Field tools like SMS and mobile phones combine with PWX AnalytiX - the first set of business intelligence tools in WASH - enable effortless tracking of projects, portfolios, and verifiable impact.
If you want to be incrementally better: Be competitive.

If you want to be exponentially better: Be cooperative.
In addition to being the only scalable, map-driven, and transparent platform in the WASH sector, PWX is the only participatory decision-making system where empowered applicants weigh in on funding decisions. A collaborative, transparent, and efficient exchange, PWX combines people, process, and technology to help make a verifiable dent in the global water crises.
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The PWX vision. How PWX MetriX and PWX AnalytiX help the sector.
Quotes from members, experts, and process innovators.
Summary Maps of PWX members, activity, and funding in 26 countries.

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Blue Planet Network celebrates the launch of Stories of Water. Explore our vibrant collection of photos and stories shining a light on the people and projects bringing clean water to communities across the globe.
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Rainwater Club
Member Since: November 2006
Office in: India

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  • Join PWX and use it to manage your water investment portfolio or make your project history come alive.
  • Donate and maximize the impact of your contribution using PWX's peer-review and long-term impact assessment processes.
  • Volunteer as a citizen journalist and help verify our progress against the water crisis!