PWX AnalytiX Help

This page provides help and other information regarding the use of PWX Analytix. PWX provides short tutorial videos demonstrating the use of PWX Analytix tools. We also present an introduction to Business Intelligence and our vision for PWX AnalytiX. Help for the rest of PWX can be found in our help pages.

Project Verification

PWX has always provided for projects to be tracked easily years after implementation is complete. Implementer staff can easily report on project visits, both official visits and in passing. Even third parties (other PWX members, volunteers, and visitors) can report on any project they visit.

Now, PWX AnalytiX counts the number of visits and computes the time difference between the last visit and the date of completion for each and every project on PWX. It differentiates between visits by the implementer (Self) and by third parties. PWX AnalytiX compares the status reported in the project report with the status of the project and indicates if there is a discrepancy. This information is highlighted on the project report page and an excerpt from a project is displayed on the right. The details of the reports from each of the visits are easily accessible on the same page. The reports can contain details about the operating status along with photos, interviews, and videos.


Project Verification information is also visible on the PWX map. Clicking on a project drop will bring up a bubble with brief summary of project and its verification status. This will allow users to see the verification status of projects by geography.

This a major first step to track project sustainability - we can now see if the projects are being visited. Implementers can use this information to send staff to visit projects.

Funders can see when their projects get visited and work with the implementer to schedule a visit to their project.

Member Dashboard

Members will see a new dashboard once they are logged into PWX. The new dashboard integrates the PWX Analytix features by providing mini versions of Project Analytix and Impact Analytix. Both may be maximized to utilize their full features. The table lists all of the projects shown on the map. Other dashboard items, ToDos, Applications, Reviews, etc., will appear on the new dashboard only if there is a needed action to be taken.

Members will find the rest of their items: Todos, Applications, Reviews, etc. on the dashboard only if necessary.

Project Analytix

PWX AnalytiX provides an easy and powerful way to view, sort and compare water projects, from organizational and also global perspectives. The Project Analytix dashboard is accessible from the home page and shows a world map displaying all of the tracked water projects. Clicking on a marker will pop up a project overview bubble. The table below also lists all of the projects.

Project Filters

Project AnalytiX provides a powerful set of filters which can be combined to precisely specify what you want to see. Click on the yellow bar on the left of the map to open/close the filters panel. The results of selecting a filter appear immediately on both the map and the table.

Date Filter

You can filter projects by the year the projects were started in.

Organization Filter

Using the organization filter allows you to chose projects by a specific implementer or funder. Members will see another option (the default) which shows their projects.

Project Status Filter

The status filter allows you to find projects which are running late, have not been visited, or have been visited. In the latter case, you can further specify if the visit was by the implementer or by a third party (peers or non-members) or anyone.

Project Map

The map shows all the projects that fit the criteria specified by the filters. The project icons show the various states of the project - green indicates project is in progress and blue indicates project is completed. The camera indicates the project has been visited and the clock indicates the project is/was late.

Clicking on any icon opens a bubble showing basic project information. Clicking on the name inside the bubble opens the project report in a new tab or window.

Project Data Table

The data table below the map lists all the projects visible on the map. Use the table to perform column sorting, text search, and filtering. Clicking on any project in the table highlights the project on the map.

By typing in any search criteria in the text box labeled "Search All Columns" will show only entries matching the search pattern in any of the fields. Use the table to perform column sorting, text search, and filtering. Let's assume you want to discover which projects of a specific primary focus are running late. Go to bottom of the column and choose appropriate values to filter the data.


You can sort the selected data (even the entries present on other pages). Sort by clicking on the up (ascending) or down (descending) arrows next to the column name. Use the shift key while clicking on the up and down arrows of another column for a secondary sorting order. As an example, you can use this to find projects sorted by most recent completion date and also sorted by primary focus.

Multi-column Sort

Another powerful ability of this table is to perform multi-column sorting. Sort first by clicking on the up and down arrows of the column you want to do the primary sort on. Use the shift key while clicking on the up and down arrows of another column for a secondary sorting order. As an example, you can use this to find projects sorted by most recent completion date and then sorted by primary focus.

Impact AnalytiX

PWX AnalytiX allows you to analyze the impact made by a specific organization or globally. Users will find their impact graph on their dashboard.


The graph shows the impact made by year. Different colored bars on the graph specify the number of beneficiaries getting drinking water, school children getting water, people accessing sanitation, and other benefits like hygiene education. The data comes from reports of completed projects. The total impact figure tries to avoid double counting of beneficiaries.

When you are logged into PWX, you will see that Impact Analytix filters have an added option for you to analyze your own organization's data.

Impact Filters

Selecting the filters below the graph (more filters are in the works) will allow you to view the following:

My Projects: Selecting this feature will show projects done by you or your organization.

Done by: For members who are logged in only. This feature allows you to select and view projects done by a particular organization.

Funded by: This feature allows you to select and view projects funded by an organization.

All Projects: This feature allows you to see the impact of all projects in the PWX repository.

Browsers Supported and Loading Issues

PWX AnalytiX does a lot of computation and connects with external map programs. Currently the maps are slow to load and we continue our work on improving performance. If you encounter an error message similar to the one shown on the right - regarding slow scripts, please do not stop the script. click "No" (or "Continue" on Firefox on a Mac).

PWX is tested on three browsers: the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. PWX will work on most versions/browsers, but some pages may not show or behave as designed. Please stay with the latest version of your browser for security reasons and for the best PWX experience.

Feedback and Ideas

We realize that Business Intelligence is new to the water sector and our offering is in its infant stage. We are looking for feedback and ideas so that we can continue to enrich our offering to serve you and the water sector better. Please email