Site List of - 2421 - Provision of Individual Rainwater harvesting and Toilet structure for Rural Households , Aa foundation collaboration with VMWARE 2016-17

Site Name What's Here? Address Location Depth MetriX Count Map
HHSN11   venkataramappa Household no 11, Angasettyhalli, Malur Dist Karnataka -
HHSN27   TOILET Kamallamma Household No.27 Karnataka -
HHSN24   TOILET Srinivasaya Household No.24 Karnataka -
HHSN32   TOILET Thimmaiah Household No.32 Karnataka -
HHSN33   TOILET saraswathamma Household No.33 Karnataka -
HHSN62   TOILET Jyothi Household No.62 Karnataka -
HHSN63   TOILET Suresh Household No.63 Karnataka -
HHSN57   TOILET Muniyappa Household No.57 Karnataka -
HHSN67   TOILET G.Muniyappa Household No.67 Karnataka -
HHSN77   TOILET Chandrappa Household No.77 Karnataka -
HHSN12   TOILET Ramappa Household No.12 Karnataka -
HHSNnew site 1   TOILET Munishamappa Household site 1 Karnataka -
HHSN18   TOILET Manjappa Household No.18 Karnataka -
HHSN35   TOILET Harikrishna Household No.35 Karnataka -
HHSN36   TOILET Hanumanthappa Household No.36 Karnataka -
HHSN96   TOILET Akkamma Household No.96 Karnataka -
HHSN59   TOILET Manjunath Household No.59 Karnataka -
HHSN72   TOILET Venkateshappa Household No.72 Karnataka -
HHSN68   TOILET Munivenkatappa Household No.68 Karnataka -
HHSN78   TOILET Jayamma Household No.78 Karnataka -
HHSN43   TOILET Venkateshappa Household No.43 Karnataka -
HHSN45   TOILET Narayanappa Household No.45 Karnataka -
HHSNnew site 7   TOILET Thimmarayappa Karnataka -
HHSN46   TOILET Jayarammappa Household No.46 Karnataka -
HHSNnew site 2   TOILET Ramesh Household site 2 Karnataka -
HHSN61   TOILET Masanappa Household No.61 Karnataka -
HHSN73   TOILET Papanna,papamma Household No.73 Karnataka -
HHSN66   TOILET lakshmma Household No.66 Karnataka -
HHSN104  PRIMARY TOILET Aanand(Ecosan) Household No.104 Karnataka 4
HHSN105   TOILET Munilakshmma Household No.105 Karnataka -
HHSN34   TOILET Chinnamma,naranappa Household No.34 Karnataka -
HHSN17   RWH Radamma.sanjeevappa Household No.17 Karnataka -
HHSN56   RWH Venkatalakshmma Household No.56 Karnataka -
HHSN58   RWH Shaymala,lokesh Household No.58 Karnataka -
HHSN60   RWH Rathnamma,Ramakrishnappa Household No.60 Karnataka -
HHSN64   RWH Anjamma,anjappa Household No.64 Karnataka -
HHSNnew site 3   RWH Savitha,vijaya Household site 3 Karnataka -
HHSN22   RWH Tulsiyamma,venkatarammppa Household No.22 Karnataka -
HHSN23   RWH Amayamma,krishnappa Household No.23 Karnataka -
HHSN31   RWH Anitha,nagesh Household No.31 Karnataka -
HHSN25   RWH Radhamma,subbaiah Household No.25 Karnataka -
HHSN57   RWH Lakshmma,muniyappa Household No.57 Karnataka -
HHSN56   RWH Tulsiyamma,thimmarayappa Household No.56 Karnataka -
HHSN60   RWH Chikkiramma Household No.60 Karnataka -
HHSN79   RWH Lakmmamma/anjannappa Household No.79 Karnataka -
HHSN23   RWH kamallamma/narayanappa Household No.23 Karnataka -
HHSN25   RWH Nagamma/narayannappa Household No.25 Karnataka -
HHSN98   RWH Gowramma/narasimappa Household No.98 Karnataka -
HHSN77   RWH Padma/srinivas Household No.77 Karnataka -
HHSN75   RWH Vanitha/venkatesh Household No.75 Karnataka -
HHSNnew site 4   RWH Chowdamma/venkateshappa Household site 4 Karnataka -
HHSN76   RWH Lakshmma/muniappa Household No.76 Karnataka -
HHSN23   TOILET Ammayamma/krisnappa Household No.23 Karnataka -
HHSN21   TOILET Shobha/shanthakumar Household No.21 Karnataka -
HHSNnew site 5   TOILET Sukanya/anjaneyyappa Household site 5 Karnataka -
HHSN62   TOILET Venkatamma/muniappa Household No.62 Karnataka -
HHSN55   TOILET Tulsamma/thimmarayappa Household No.55 Karnataka -
HHSN58   TOILET Shamalla/lokesh Household No.58 Karnataka -
HHSN25   TOILET Nagamma/naranappa Household No.25 Karnataka -
HHSNnew site 6   TOILET Muniamma/gudamappa Household site 6 Karnataka -
HHSN56   TOILET Venkalakshmma/goplalappa(late) Household No.56 Karnataka -
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