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The blue heart charity is a 501C3 nonprofit organization dedicated to serving women and children living in poverty. Our efforts are currently focused on bringing potable water sources to the impoverished villages of Northern Cambodia in an attempt to preserve life and restore dignity.

Date Founded 2009-03-18
Primary Focus Drinking Water - Community
Secondary Focus Drinking Water - Schools
History of Water Projects
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The Blue Heart Charity has recently completed the “Nine Wells” project. This was a three phase project focusing on Slokram and Jongkovsu villages. Our goal was to install nine, hand pump water wells there over a 2 year period but due to overwhelming support we were able to install 19 wells in two years. We have a very high success rate and because we are working in the same area of the world year after year we are able to track the usage, make sure the well is producing water reliably and maintain the wells if needed. In some areas our wells serve 100+ per day and others maybe as few as 40 people per day. In 2011 the BHC will install a minimum of 16 wells in Cambodia.

Organization Background

The Blue Heart Charity is a state and federally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. A hands-on, direct impact organization that is 100% volunteer administered by founders Eugene Nelson and Michele Chewerda. The Blue Heart Charity was founded on the belief that a small amount of resources, properly applied and managed, can cause a significant impact in the lives of the impoverished.
Our guiding principles are as follows:
– Provide necessities to mothers and children in need.
– Add durable and sustainable value to the lives of our beneficiaries.
– Insure maximum charitable return on investment for our donors
– 100% of the charitable contributions received go to facilitate relief for those in need.

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The Blue Heart Charity PO Box 94 Littlerock, Wa. 98556

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