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VISION We envision an equitable and sustainable world where everyone has clean water, renewable energy, and a healthy environment.
MISSION Green Empowerment provides villages in the developing world access to clean water, electricity through renewable energy, and sustainable solutions.
SOCIAL JUSTICE -- We support people in their efforts to live free of poverty, oppression, and exploitation.
SUSTAINABILITY -- We promote strategies for improving human well-being that simultaneously restore and protect local ecosystems, mitigate carbon emissions, and help communities adapt to climate change.
LOCAL LEADERSHIP -- We encourage in-country leadership to take responsibility for their own decisions and manage their own resources. Our work is rooted in respect for the values, the dignity, contributions, and perspectives of our partners and the cultures in which we work.

Date Founded 1997-01-01
Primary Focus Water - Community
Secondary Focus Drinking Water - Households
History of Water Projects
Related work not on PWX.

* Ram pump projects with AIDFI -- Philippines
* Water filtration and health promotion with DESEA -- southern Peru
* Solar powered water delivery with AsoFenix -- Nicaragua
* Watershed conservation and gravity water systems with ATDER-BL -- Nicaragua
* Solar powered water delivery with SIBAT -- Philippines
* Gravity water systems with FEDETA -- Ecuador

Organization Background

Green Empowerment, a U.S. 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization was founded in 1997 and is centered in Portland, Oregon, USA. We promote community-based renewable energy, delivery of potable water, and related watershed restoration internationally to generate social and environmental progress. Green Empowerment emphasizes local leadership, community participation, and long-term economic and environmental sustainability. Green Empowerment (GE) brings energy to communities in developing countries through micro hydropower, biomass, biogas and solar photovoltaic (PV) systems and water systems with hydraulic ram pumps, gravity-fed systems, and solar water pumping.

Green Empowerment partners with local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and rural communities to construct community-owned renewable energy and water systems. GE emphasizes social justice, local leadership, and long-term environmental and economic sustainability. The organization has worked in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Burma. Green Empowerment with its partners has assisted in the completion of projects bringing electricity to hundreds of thousand, water to thousands, and watershed protection of thousands of acres of forest reserve rehabilitated with untold replanted trees.

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