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• A Sustainable effective Environment and Development Programs in Upper Egypt.


• To shift the balance of Egyptian policy and practice in favor of environmental justice and sustainability in upper Egypt.


• We believe in sustainable development - meeting the needs of the current generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.
• We believe in environmental limits - there are definite limits to what we can take from the natural environment and to the pollution and waste we can dump into the environment.
• Within those limits we believe in fair shares of the available environmental space: in particular we are aware that the impacts of damage to the environment hit the poorest in the community the hardest both at home and overseas.
• We believe in evidence based solutions to environmental problems that make life better for people while protecting the planet for future generations.
• We believe in promoting people's action, individual and collective, local, national and
• international, to tackle the environmental challenges we face.

Date Founded 2006-10-10
Primary Focus Sanitation - Community
Secondary Focus Sewage Treatment Plant
History of Water Projects
Related work not on PWX.

1- Waste water treatment project funded from GEF / UNDP Egypt (2006) managing waste water to reuse it in irrigation (70.000$).
2- Sanitation system covering three rural communities in upper Egypt funded from EFG Hermas and the UN included complete sanitation system for collecting used water and treated it through treatment unit in order to reuse it in irrigation (250.000$).
3- Clean water connections for 300 house in one village funded from EFG Hermas with total cost about (50.000$)
4- Sanitation System covering one village funded from Japanese embassy in Cairo with budget (112.000$).

Organization Background

Together Association already founded for the purpose of providing rural communities in Egypt with clean source of water and healthy sewage system. Through the founder of our Association Sameh Seif Ghali is one of the social entrepreneurs whom developed unique technology for sanitation with simple and lower cost in comparison with the governmental sanitation system.

Annual Water and Sanitation Budget
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Bank Info
Ttogether association Acct. no. 8290000762 at commercial international bank CIB Egypt - El Minia City Bank code SWIFT CODE Account holder (if different than above): Together SWIFT bank identifier code (BIC): CIB EEGCX

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