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Common River is a US based 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the well-being of orphaned and vulnerable children through basic education, health and livelihood development through community empowerment and to creating balanced, productive and self-sustaining communities for others to witness and replicate. The program is located in the Sidama coffee-growing region of southern Ethiopia, in the town of Aleta Wondo.

Date Founded 2007-09-07
Primary Focus Education
Secondary Focus Drinking Water - Schools
History of Water Projects
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The program has hand-dug 5 wells on the project site. The campus has a three classroom block, a library, 6 student latrines, a pavilion and 4 huts to accomdoate visiting volunteer. One of the wellls has a rope pump and the other 4 wells use buckets to retrieve water. There is a water catchment system on the office building. The wells dry up during the dry season and the water has a high iron content.

Organization Background

The program started in 2007 with the co-founders conducting a feasibility study in the community that raised one of the founders, Tsegaye Bekele. Across the boards, community members top prioirty was education. A one-room schoolhouse was built and a year later, 3 more classrooms. There are 135 primary aged students in grades 1-3, and after school 150 women attend the school to learn to read and write. US volunteers provide community service every summer and there are traditonal guest huts to accomodate the guests. There is a school garden and an animal husbandry program to provide food for the school lunch program. Water is the main priority not only for drinking water, but for the school lunch program, agricultural irrigation, hand-washing station, personal hygiene and sanitation, toileting and laundry for our students and guests. The well near the gate to the compound is also availabel to the surrounding community.

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Common River 72 Hazel Ave. Mill Valley, CA 94941 USA

Six minute video on all program activities.