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HNP is a non-profit organization registered in the USA and Kenya, endeavoring to bring affordable and reliable infrastructure to slums and other marginalized communities through clean technology. The HNP Solution/Innovation called the “Town Center” delivers municipal services coupled with social and financial empowerment from a single building structure which provides an infrastructure of opportunity. Many of these new service technologies are in first deployment and are the core to the success for Town Center Program

Date Founded 2010-06-01
Primary Focus Drinking Water - Community
Secondary Focus Sanitation - Community
History of Water Projects
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HNP has drilled the well in our Town Center pilot project, the first of a series of water-provision projects world-wide, that yields 500 cubic meters of water a day of pure water with less than 190 mg/l Total Dissolved Solids.

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Organization Background

Founded in San Francisco, June 2010, by Connie Nielsen and David Warner, in the effort to create a self-sustaining Water Services Center in reaction to a visit to the slum of Kibera, Human Needs Project quickly grew to include some of the most interesting figures in Clean Technology construction and research. HNP’s mission is to provide integrated infrastructure systems for people living in slums. To combat poverty through economic growth.

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Money transfer to: Human Needs Project, Inc. c/o Burr Pilger Mayer, Inc. 600 California Street, Suite 1300 San Francisco, CA 94108