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SCOPE is concentrating on water and sanitation only in the recent years because it strongly believes that providing safe water and construction of individual toilet will improve the living condition of the poor people. Unsafe water and open defecation are the main causes for many diseases and the poor people are affected easily. If the people drink safe water and constructed toilets in their houses, their medical expenses would reduce to some extent.SCOPE has completed the following activities:
1) Installed 250 hand pumps
2) Restored 100 hand pumps
3) Provided of electric motor pumps
4) Provided extension of drinking water pipelines
5) Conducted awareness camps and Health camps
6) Given mechanic and care taker trainings
7) Supplied maintenance tools and kits to the village groups
8) Covered open wells with wire mesh to prevent dust, debris and dirt particles entering it.
Again SCOPE was entrusted to conduct one day training for the Over Head Tank (OHT) operators working in village panchayats of 20 unions in the Trichy, Perambalur and Ariyalur District from 15-11-10 to 14-12-10 by the TWAD Board. It helped the OHT operators to properly maintain the electric pump motor, maintenance of OHT, providing safe drinking water after chlorination.

Date Founded 1986-02-07
Primary Focus Capacity Building
Secondary Focus Hygiene Education
History of Water Projects
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As per the IOCL SCOPE CSR borewell project for sustainable drinking water supply to twelve selected villages in five Panchayats in Viralimalai block of Pudukkottai district all the works have been completed(except in Sithampur village).

The SCOPE team headed by Mr.Subburaman, Director visited all the twelve villages and in consultation with the local Panchayat presidents and other stakeholders finalized the locations of the borewells in these villages.
Then a ground water hydrological study team headed by Dr. S. Ramadoss of Chennai visited the sites and studied the logistics of putting up the borewells.
The borewells were sunk in all the villages from 17th Dec. to 20th Dec 2013(4 days). The first borewell was sunk in Muniyan kovil in Mandaiyur village in the presence of the Panchayat President Mrs. Seethadevi., ward councilors, SHG members, village leaders and IOCL officers. The borewell was completed in four hours. It was found that all the twelve borewells had sufficient water to meet the needs of the local people for domestic purposes and five of them had enough supply even for installing motors if necessary on a future date
In the first phase handpumps were fixed for five borewells in Perambur and Suriyur villages. Platforms were constructed; Handpumps were fixed in all five borewells, soak pits were provided for spill out water and rain water harvesting recharge pits were constructed near the borewells.

The soak pits will prevent stagnation of water near the handpumps and also prevent breeding of mosquitoes, flies etc.
The RWH recharge pits were constructed so that the water in the area during rainfall will enter the RWH pits and recharge the borewells.
A training programme was conducted in Permbur Panchayat office village on 10th Feb 2014 to the selected persons on the importance of ensuring the quality of drinking water. Water testing kits made by the Tamil Nadu Water and Drainage Board was distributed to the Panchayat Presidents. A demonstration on using the kit for testing water quality was also held. In each village the Panchayat President, Vice President, Ward Member, Panchayat Clerks & borewell caretaker were given training on the use of the water kit by Mrs.Bensa Mary(Junior Water Analyst – TWAD Board). The water quality of all the borewells will be tested every two months said Mr.M.Subburaman. • Constructed 20,000 Toilets in Musiri Block under the TSC programme from 1997 - 2004.
• Constructed 1200 Ecosan Urine Diversion Toilets (UDDT) in Musiri Block
• Constructed 350 UDDTs in Tsunami hit coastal village of Kameshwaram, Nagai District.
• Constructed Three Ecosan Community Compost Toilets (ECCT) in Musiri (first in the country )
• Introduced “use toilet and get money” scheme instead of pay and use toilet at Saliyar Street ECCT, Musiri which is first of its kind in the World.
• Conducted Two phase Research in the paddy field by using Human urine as liquid fertilizer, with the technical support of TNAU, Coimbatore
• Conducted Banana research, using urine as a liquid fertilizer with the technical support of NRCB, Trichy.
• Started pilot urine bank for research and further study for extraction of struvite the nutrient in urine in powder form for farm application with the support of IIT, New Delhi.
• Constructed one pilot model Sludge Treatment Plant at Musiri to avoid the contamination of sludge water in to the irrigation canal and the river Cauvery.
• Constructed Twelve (12) School UDDTs in Trichy, Nagapatinam, Krishnagiri and Kancheepuram Districts.
Given masonry Training for Construction UDDTs in the States of Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Orissa, West Bengal and Uttranchal states with the support of UNICER, Plan International and under the TSC programme of Government of India.
• Watershed projects have sustainably increased the incomes of farmers through improved soil health, increased water and biomass availability and higher livestock productivity

Organization Background

Society for Community Organization and Peoples Education (SCOPE) is a non-profit, non-Government Organization, registered under the Public Trust Act on 7th February 1986, working for the integrated socio-economic development of disadvantaged and under-privileged communities living in villages in Musiri and Thuraiyur Block of Tiruchirappalli District of Tamil Nadu. Since 2000, it concentrated on sanitation as the poor people’s income is drained to medicine and medical expenses caused due to lack proper toilets in their houses. .

SCOPE constructed about 20000 toilets in various parts of the Musiri Panchayat Union under UNICEF, Water Aid and TSC programmes. Ecosan masonry trainings were conducted in 10 states with the support of Government, UNICEF.
Department of Water and Sanitation of Government of India have appointed SCOPE as a Key Resource Centre (KRC) for giving training in various aspects of sanitation and toilet models and masonry training. SCOPE has conducted KRC training programmes in Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Mizoram.

Awards and Rewards:
• The best NGO award for sanitation was received from the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, Dr.J.Jayalalitha in the year 2005.
• Got the NIRMAL GRAM PURASKAR AWARD in 2006 from the then President, his Excellency Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam
• Water Digest Water Award [WDWA] for 2015-16 received by SCOPE

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