Introducing PWX AnalytiX

We are excited to offer PWX AnalytiX and serve the water sector in a new way. With our offering we want to engage with stakeholders to enhance PWX AnalytiX in order to serve the WASH community more fully.

PWX AnalytiX was designed with the input from a survey. The main tool is Project AnalytiX which allows visualization of projects in both map and list format with several options. This tool can aid of planning short-term activities and also facilitate long-term strategic decision-making. Impact Analytix provides visualization of impact data and helps validate and improve the core performance data of an organization.

PWX members get a new dashboard with PWX AnalyiX tools, their data, and their ToDos arranged for ease of use. Please check out our help section for more information including video tutorials.

What is Business Intelligence and Business Analytics?

In the context of the WASH sector, we define Business Analytics (BA) as a set of tools to analyze data within an organization. We define Business Intelligence (BI) as a set of tools (should we call it Hydro Intelligence?) that analyze data across the sector enabling us to visualize overlaps and gaps, create comparisons, identify relationships, and see our impact. Below we discuss the two concepts and our vision, approach, and answers.

Business Analytics

BA involves analyzing of the data of an organization and presenting the data and analysis in meaningful ways. Looking at the data in different ways allows data collation, validation, and identification of missing data. BA also helps identify process improvements for an organization.

BA also involves simple reporting, dashboards and data-driven alerts based on business rules and/or historic performance. It can extend to monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Our peer review process uses an extensive event-driven notification feature. We have deployed an event-driven alert feature for field reporting for a couple of our members. Next year we plan to introduce a data-driven notification feature. We hope to engage with the water sector to introduce KPIs in the process.

Business Intelligence

BI involves more advanced data mining and analysis. Combining sectorial data, with sector knowledge, the tools can reveal trends and patterns beyond a single organization. We can see collaboration, do comparisons, and identify opportunities looking at overlaps and gaps. BI is designed for planning and strategic decision-making.

The tools also allow stakeholders to exploit information, slice and dice it to identify patterns and trends, and incorporate relevant sector and personal insights to make decisions that are more effective. Analysis of history helps improve future growth.

PWX AnalytiX presents some data across organizations and we will keep adding BI features to help the water sector better.

Impact We Hope To Achieve

The overall impact of BI is multi-dimensional covering the entire range of an organizations relationships, functions, and operations.

PWX AnalytiX provides much greater visibility into projects from anywhere in the world. WASH projects operate in different locations, very remote from an organization and the funder. PWX AnalytiX can help provide a more ‘real-time’ view of activities. This will help figure out what to focus on in the short-term and help with decision-making for the long-term. Easy, continuous visibility into projects can help anticipate issues and ensure no surprises. This will increase trust and goodwill across the entire sector.

Our long-term vision is that the sector will harness the increasing power of PWX AnalytiX to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and maximize impact. Organizations across the WASH sector will use PWX AnalytiX, from improving funding programs to enabling strategic decisions. PWX AnalytiX will also enable benchmarking to evaluate the comparative performance of various technologies/approaches/processes. This will lead to efficiency improvements and process re-engineering to bolster best practices, and thus make a truly positive impact against the global water crisis.

We are constantly looking for feedback so that we can improve and serve you and the water sector better. Please email us with any suggestions or requests.
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