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Ways that we can work together...

By Team Blue Posted on Mon 26 Mar 2012, over 11 years ago

Hi Sanjay,
Working of the information in the Q&A, I would like to see where VMWare can contribute to PWX and what PWX brings to VMWare.
Here are areas that I think VMWare can contribute to PWX:
- Volunteer developers. How many hours can they give us a week? Can we use them for 2 weeks straight rather than 1 day/ month?
- What areas of expertise can they bring to the table?
* Data Modelling?
* Virtualization?
* Mobile Apps?
* Information Architecture?
* Data Analysis?
* etc.?
- Within your CSR programs, could we work in a plan for your team to visit project sites and report back on status? For example, if folks are taking a vacation to West Bengal would they be willing to spend 1-2 days visiting our sites and reporting on what they see? This way they get to understand the ground reality and can envision solutions that can be used by PWX.
- Could we have experts review and critique our development plans and architecture?
- Is there admin support that can be provided by your volunteers? For example, if we have data entry or corrections to be done --- could we have admin staff at VMWare provide assistance/time?
- Could we start a campaign with VMWare to fund a project site that you choose? So, for example, we have lots of applications for funding within PWX. VMWare can select a project to fund, raise funds internally, fund the project and adopt it as a part of your CSR. You can continue to monitor and visit the site over time. We can find a project such as RWH at a school near Bangalore or Pune, within 100 km, that VMWare can adopt, your employees can visit periodically engage with the school kids, teach them about RWH, introduce them to computers, what have you...

What PWX can offer VMWare:
- We can participate actively with your CSR team and provide advise and project selection in the area of water and sanitation.
- We give your employees an avenue to engage in the social sector/context of their community.

Give that I only had the Q&A to go with, I let my mind wander. Would love your thoughts on my ideas ;)

US company connection

By Peer Water Exchange Posted on Fri 16 Mar 2012, over 11 years ago


What is your relationship (regarding your philanthropy) with the US office?
We are applying for a project to do in rural California farming communities, where the water has become very contaminated with nitrates, etc. Might be a good opportunity for folks there to participate too.


US company connection

By VMWare Posted on Fri 16 Mar 2012, over 11 years ago

We have VMware Foundation in US. We will have to see how we can work with them.
Is there any link where the project details are available?


By Peer Water Exchange Posted on Wed 07 Mar 2012, almost 12 years ago

Its been a while since VMWare started to partner with PWX and we are sorry its taken this long to become members.

Thank you for your initial contribution to the water sector and i would like to explore ways in which we can grow this partnership: volunteer visits, tech help, etc.



By VMWare Posted on Thu 08 Mar 2012, almost 12 years ago

Hi Rajesh,
It is a priviledge to partner with PWX.
We are planning to have an event in April this year where our volunteers can go and review some of the PWX project implementation in or around bangalore.
We will have 2-3 volunteers who can spend about 1 or 2 days each for this activity.
If you have any suggestions, please let me know.


By Humana People to People India Posted on Sat 10 Mar 2012, almost 12 years ago

Dear Sanjay,

I would like to know more about your company or organization, it seems that yours is a software company? plz introduce your company.



By VMWare Posted on Mon 12 Mar 2012, almost 12 years ago

Yes, My company VMware is a software company which provides software for virtualization and cloud computing.
Our R&D office in India is located in Bangalore and Pune.
You can get more company info at www.vmware.com

Re: Background

By Peer Water Exchange Posted on Fri 16 Mar 2012, over 11 years ago

Please take a minute to put your office address (GPS coordinates) and website in your profile.


Re: Background

By VMWare Posted on Fri 16 Mar 2012, over 11 years ago



By Peer Water Exchange Posted on Fri 16 Mar 2012, over 11 years ago

We have many needs tech, training, and data:

- we would love to get some tech help / advice for many initiatives

- working with implementing partners to assess their operations and technology and training them

- getting data from the field and analyzing it

- etc.

Looking forward to working with you.


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