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Welcome! (and questions about Vietnam CHCs)

By Blue Planet Network Posted on Mon 14 Jan 2013, over 8 years ago

Greetings to the Africa Ahead team!

Welcome to PWX! We look forward to working with you in Uganda and more.

I have visited your website before and after our call and i am curious about following up.

I'd like to understand your Vietnam experience. Your write-ups summarize the activities around your two visits. Are you still in touch? Can we get more data on the results on the ground? Do you feel the gov't is cooperative and open? How much support do you think is needed to really get the behaviour into the DNA? And then to spread?

You have a strong statement: "This pilot project should provide the NTP3 with a sound methodology that can be predicted to achieve the Millennium Development Goals in CHC districts." Is that happening? Is more guidance/support needed?

We have a partner in Vietnam who is part of this membership review and hope they contribute (and connect) about their many years of experience in sanitation with a different model.


Welcome! (and questions about Vietnam CHCs)

By Africa AHEAD Posted on Mon 14 Jan 2013, over 8 years ago

Hi Rejesh,

Thanks for highlighting the CHCs Vietnam. It was an extraordinary experience working with MoH there and they could not have been more dedicated and helpful. AHEAD just provided the training and training materials.

I am not sure on the latest development since I did an evaluation in Feb. 2012, but I wrote a paper with the Head of Public Health School in Hanoi who is a great convert to CHC Approach. We presented this at the UNC Conference in USA, and the preliminary results were outstanding but more research is needed.

We still have an associate practitioner living n Vietnam who may be able to give an update on where the Ministry of Health has gone since we assisted them to launch the CHC project. It is difficult to get information from them as few people correspond in English.

Please see our website for more insights on this: www.africaahead.com.

NGO or for-profit or ...

By Peer Water Exchange Posted on Mon 14 Jan 2013, over 8 years ago


Are you a non-profit or a for-profit or ...? I can't tell from your website and your url is .com, but all your content is open sourced.


NGO or for-profit or ...

By Africa AHEAD Posted on Mon 14 Jan 2013, over 8 years ago

We are a not for profit organisation registered in South Africa, and as a trust in Zimbabwe. We are in the process of registering as an NGO in Rwanda, USA and UK

Scaling up

By Global Women's Water Initiative Posted on Fri 18 Jan 2013, over 8 years ago

Hi there

Great work! Welcome to PWX!

Based on your goal...

"To create an international association of partner organisations and individual practitioners dedicated to implementing and promoting the CHC approach, to sharing of lessons learned and the promotion of best practices based on empirical evidence so as to enhance the overall cost-effectiveness of development in the Third World."

... how have you been brining it to other regions? Do you have a CHC training manual that requires direct training? Or do you send trainers to different regions? If yes, how long is the training?

I would love to learn more about your program in Uganda. We are hosting a Sanitation Training in June and it would be great to see if there might be opportunity for partnership. We train women-led organizations in all things WASH. When they first attended our program, they had no background in WASH but have identified that they need WASH to reach their organizational goals.

Thanks so much for your great work!

Scaling up

By Africa AHEAD Posted on Sat 16 Feb 2013, over 8 years ago

HI Gemma,
Sorry to have delayed answering but have been in the field for weeks and not accessing the internet.

I have just been in Uganda and we are on the verge of starting up an Africa AHEAD Branch there, as we have an associated trainer who is keen to train in the CHC methodology and get other partners doing this type of development. so we would be able to facillitate at a work shop.We have three levels of training.
1. for project managers and donors, to introduce the CHC concept and give an overview of how it works (one day)
2. A planning workshop for middle management for setting up a CHC Project (2-3 days)
3. A five day training for facilitators at village level who would be training in their CHC. This includes a toolkit for the training so they go back equipped to train the community in the CHC project.
I hope this answers the question and that we can be help.
My email direct is better to catch me: juliet@africaahead.com
Kind Regards,