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Why Protos referral?

By Blue Planet Network Posted on Wed 07 Nov 2007, over 16 years ago

Jin Zidell of BPR met with Stef of Protos 4 years ago and then i met with Stef at the World Water Forum in Mexico. They have a good website and a long track record, and it was good to meet to hear from Stef himself some of his thinking and experience.

This year Protos help the Blue Planet Run with publicity in Belgium and with accepting donations, so a partnership has been formed.

Protos, being one of the largest water NGOs in the world, brings a lot of experience to PWX. We hope they can help others in PWX and also use their long relationships in countries to bring some local country partners into PWX so that they can grow and connect .

I also hope that our network can offer them something; our members bring a range of diversity and experience and our approach is to reduce bureaucracy, increase transparency, and improve effectiveness. Our hope is to scale dramatically the work of of the likes of Protos and the likes of Safer Future so that we can really make a dent in the 1.2 billion without water and 2.6 billion with sanitation.

Why Protos referral?

By Protos Posted on Thu 08 Nov 2007, over 16 years ago

Thanks for the support Rajesh.
Let us stay modest: with 8.5 million $ each year, we are not the largest player, but let us say a good mid-class player.
We are indeed looking forward to become member of PWX.

Support for Protos

By Water for People Posted on Wed 07 Nov 2007, over 16 years ago

Protos is a sound organization that understands the need to build local capacity and to reinforce the broader environment outside of the community that is so necessary for sustainability. Hard as it is, the need to work with local authorities in a practical way is now widely accepted. I like Protos' work and think they would make a logical addition to PWX.



Support for Protos

By Protos Posted on Thu 08 Nov 2007, over 16 years ago

Thanks for the support Ned.

Dependant in which country we work, we focus to work together and build up capacity with local communities or with local authorities, or both of them. We try always to look for the "best fit" ( "best practices" for an existing environment/country).
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