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We are very pleased to be part of the PWX platform. We do understand the items that were raised in the application discussions and ratings. Below (under Organization Background) we have tried to clarify the d.o.b position in more detail.
Our orientation is directed towards poverty alleviation and socially related concepts, approaches, products, productions, et cetera that are innovative, economically self-sustainable and replicable. As an observer we would like to share our lessons learnt with you, give and receive feedback. In the Water4Keren programme efforts are being made to create a local revolving credit fund for water sector investment in which d.o.b and a co-financer would take a (reclaimable?) financial share, to be followed by others. Such a meso credit fund combined with a micro finance facility is envisaged to be beneficial and instrumental to not only Keren watsan services, but also to local watsan related entrepreneurship and household infrastructure. The activities of the fund could in time stimulate economic watsan related activities outside of Keren and function as a portal to foreign capital. At some stage the local Municipal Keren Water Committee could very well could apply as a PWX member.

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Currently we support a water and sanitation project in Eritrea. It aims for the autonomous evolution of water supply and sanitation services in the area of Keren, a city of 130.000 inhabitants. It includes investments in full cycle water supply, water resources development and end-use infrastructure, (economic) operations capacities and enabling governance and related entrepreneurial activities. On the d.o.b foundation website a project description and status can be found.

Organization Background

d.o.b foundation is a fairly young private non-profit organization that invests in social ventures in Africa and break-through initiatives in the Netherlands. We endeavour to have a large social impact and achieve sustainable development in order to create a better, just world. A world in which opportunities are created for everyone.
In the past years we have sharpened our focus and are currently reducing our field of operations both geographically (Africa) and by project numbers (around 10) aiming for a larger social impact. Also we have made the choice for a venture philanthropy approach. Meaning that we invest rather than donate and that our support is non-financial as well as financial.
A focus on a specific theme, e.g. water, is not (yet) opportune. We believe in partnerships and cooperation with experts and organizations that bring in the required experience and knowledge to our projects.

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