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Why go thru the process?

By Blue Planet Network Posted on Fri 04 Jan 2008, over 14 years ago

Getting a foundation into the Peer Water Exchange is a no-brainer. While this review may seem like a formality, it does serve 2 purposes:
1/ Introduce d.o.b. to organizations that work in Africa, like Protos and Water for People, and also to their neighbors in Europe: Protos and Kairos.
2/ Introduce d.o.b. to the peer review process: the membership process is similar to the review process for projects.

Look forward to working with them on challenges of scale, esp. in water.

Focus on water?

By Protos Posted on Tue 08 Jan 2008, over 14 years ago

The d.o.b foundation is quite diversified in their activities. They have supported ( mainly in the past) and are presently developping a variety of own development projects. Nothing wrong to do that.

The question we have however is if PWX wants to focus its memberships on "water organisations" (or on organisations of which water is the main activity) or not? No doubt that we can learn from the approaches of d.o.b foundation.
This should be counterbalanced with the theory: "success of an organisation = focus on your niche".
We will be pleased to see the view of others on this.
Marc Despiegelaere

Focus on water?

By Kairos Posted on Tue 08 Jan 2008, over 14 years ago

if PWX should have the approach to focus on "water organisations" only, it would be a petty. Focusing on one important - but narrow - field within the complex systems interrelations of human livelihoods would be too short. Organisations with a broader view and experience will most likely not be able to answer some technical questions in detail but will surely bring up issues at stake concerning embedding of the water project within a complex livelihood situation. And after all...Kairos does not have a water focus either.

Focus on water?

By Peer Water Exchange Posted on Tue 08 Jan 2008, over 14 years ago

This is a good discussion. There is definitely a water and sanitation focus for PWX members. Some like Protos are 100% water focused, while others like CARE have water as a very small component of their operations.

PWX (and BPR) does not want to work with orgs who do isolated single projects. We are interested in those orgs who want to have some growing impact in the sector.

For d.o.b. there are 3 issues which i would like PWX members work with them on:
1/ their Eritrea project: how to assess it better and help make it succeed (if it needs it)
2/ grow their water 'niche' from a single project into many more
3/ address the problem of scaling diverse water projects

In the general non-profit space, funders are always welcome! Criteria are more strict for implementers.


Focus on water?

By Water for People Posted on Mon 04 Feb 2008, over 14 years ago

I think the question is interesting. I guess for me I struggle a bit with what d.o.b. actually does. Their web page is interesting but - as I think Marc identified - a bit all over the place. CARE is a multi-sectoral institution that has a very strong water arm. I do not get a sense that d.o.b. would be considered the same - they seem to have done one project in water (at least that is all I see on the web). So while I would not be exclusive towards "watsan only" institutions I would suggest that we need to bring in organizations to PWX that have made the commitment to push in water and sanitation. To be honest I do not have that sense with d.o.b. although I could be wrong.

For my comfort, I would love some sort of statement from d.o.b. about how water and sanitation fit within their broader portfolio and how they see this evolving/growing in the future.



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