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charity: water raises awareness and donates 100% of all funds to implementing partners working on the ground. charity: water provides grants to organizations so they can continue to scale-up and build capacity in areas of need. We restrict the grants to the direct costs associated to water, sanitation and hygiene projects, so 100 percent of the funding reaches the projects on the ground.

In 2008 charity: water plans to fund water and sanitation globally. While expanding projects in Africa, charity: water also plans on heading into South Asia and Latin America.

Date Founded 2006-09-07
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In just over a year, charity: water has raised over 2 million dollars and has funded the construction of 256 wells in 8 African Nations. A portion of the funds are raised through the sale of $20 branded water bottles. Each bottle sold gives one person in a developing country clean water for twenty years.

charity: water was founded as a grassroots initiative to inspire intelligent giving. All completed projects are GPS located and photographed, to connect donors to each project, providing transparency and accountability.

Organization Background

charity: water was founded by former NYC event planner and club promoter, Scott Harrison. After spending a year as a photojournalist in Liberia, Scott decided to use his skills in photography and promotions to raise awareness about the global water crisis.

charity: water restricts all funds raised to the direct cost of implementing the water and sanitation projects, thus relying on funding from other donors to cover administration costs. charity: water currently has four full-time staff members in NYC, and a volunteer branch in London.

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Mailing address: Charity Global 150 Varick Street Fifth Floor New York, NY 10013

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