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Background of membership nomination/referral

By Blue Planet Network Posted on Thu 05 Jun 2008, over 14 years ago

BPR submitted a referral for PADI because of Run for Africa.

Run for Africa funded PADI and then merged with BPR and requested that PADI join PWX and fund a specific proposal they submitted. We asked around for more information on PADI. It was hard to find as they work in a remote area of Tanzania. One of their friends sent this to us:

"My name is Tim Hogan and I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Songea from 2001 till 2003. I just wanted to write you to find out what the status was on the PADI grant application and to also give my personal endorsement of the grant. I know all the main people in the project personally (Mr. Msigwa was a neighbor and fellow teacher at Songea Boys Secondary School as was Mr Mpangala and I became good friends with Joseph Mbawala over the course of the two years and three water projects). They are all honest, intelligent, and serious. I would trust any of the three with my own money which I don't say lightly. Also, I know from personal experience that there is overwhelming support for the project and PADI in the area (they have received applications from villages and schools from as far away as Mbinga which is a solid 3 hours from town) and whenever I walked/biked somewhere last summer during the last round of construction when people saw me they would ask about the project (there are probably 10-15 Caucasians for 150+ miles in that area of the country that can speak Swahili so most people could figure out who I was).

Tim Hogan RPCV"

We support this org joining PWX. Small orgs like PADI, who currently do not have a website get exposure and become connected with other implementers. Hopefully we get to know them and their work better and are able to support them and also learn from them.

New feature on PWX (for PADI and everyone else)!

By Peer Water Exchange Posted on Wed 11 Jun 2008, over 14 years ago

Namaste peers!

We have just put in a new feature: attachments to organization profiles.

You can upload documents, photos, logos, ...

As you can see, PADI has uploaded a one-page profile document that adds a little bit to their PWX text profile.

We have also add many new features (that i will email the team later on):
- search - check out the search, look for any term that you fancy
- project reports - for the big final report (can update incrementally)
- periodic status reports - to keep track of updates
- video attachments from youtube are built into project reports
- lots more enhancements to improve speed, reliability, admin, etc.

Work prior to water projects

By A Single Drop Posted on Thu 05 Jun 2008, over 14 years ago

I would be interested to know a little more about the organization's work prior to doing water projects. What are the implementation and advocacy strategies that the organization uses ensure maintenance, education and sustainability.

Work prior to water projects

By Tanzania Mission to the Poor and Disabled (PADI) Posted on Wed 11 Jun 2008, over 14 years ago

Dear all, here is the clarification on the Water well Project Sustainability:

To make the project sustainable

1.The beneficiaries has been sensitized to formulate Water Maintenance Fund (WMF) through their own contribution which is supporting maintenance and repairing of the wells(it is done so for villagers and school communities).To date we have 38 WMF.

2.At the end of wells construction we always have training session for 2 people( 1 man and 1 woman) from each well on how to clean, maintain, repair such wells and to monitor any problems associated with their functioning. These people, being villagers living in the vicinity of the wells have been given responsibilities of taking care for wells daily.

3.Well Monitoring Committees (WMC) are formed in each village which consist 10 people per well are being assigned to help the water technician and receive training on how to properly construct the wells and maintain their functioning ,the same people are responsible in daily monitoring of the wells ( well monitoring committee).

4.PADI always make regular monitoring and awarding those who perform well in maintaining the wells each year.

Making the project owned by the communities.

1.In project implementation the villagers do contribute 30-45% of the total project costs(improved local water wells) and 15% -20% for a bore holes. ie they always contribute their effort in brick making, collection of stones and sand, labour for digging wells, cleaning the site and providing food for water technician. In case of a bore hole the beneficiaries are usually required to build pump house. Once they are able to these we sign a contract to support them if they can’t do those activities the project can be implemented in place where they can conform with our guidelines.

2.Wells Monitoring Committees (WMC) formed in each village always monitor the whole process of well construction to see whether the required procedures followed and building materials assigned at each village are well used.

Note: Since we started the project in 2003 to date no funds have been injected to the prokject for maintanance and repair. All funds for maintanance and repair com from villagers wells maintanance fund. They are doing well and enjoying safe and clean water where over 6200+ beffiting from the project.

Thank you very much

Iskaka L.Msigwa

Ask summary report on previous water projects?

By Protos Posted on Fri 06 Jun 2008, over 14 years ago

It is extremely difficult to make a judgement for us on this membership application, if you can not check a website, or read an annual report. However, organisations not on the " international highway called Internet" should not be excluded on forehand. Can't we ask the demander to make a summary report of their 5 previous water projects with special focus on sustainability? How do local communities take ownership of the infrastructure, and how do they organize maintenance and repair?

Ask summary report on previous water projects?

By Peer Water Exchange Posted on Fri 06 Jun 2008, over 14 years ago

Good points! Three areas for PWX to improve:

1/ At the risk of making the profile tedious, PWX can provide means to attach documents (past projects, official registration, ...) and photos (earlier projects, logo, ...). This way, PADI can respond to Protos' request. (currently, it will be hard for them to share the info they have with all the reviewers)

2/ For organizations not as far along, this could be the place to get information on increasing sustainability. Organizations that have experience and process and documentation can share and help newer organizations incorporate these in their work. Perhaps PWX can provide a repository of various approaches used by various orgs around the world.

3/ Have PWX grow to become a vibrant network which can shed light on areas and organizations off the internet highway.