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Potential good fit for both BPRF and PWX

By Blue Planet Network Posted on Fri 20 Jun 2008, almost 15 years ago

Thanks to El Porvenir for providing another reference into the PWX network.

APLS provides good potential for BPRF since one of the 2007 runners was from Guatemala and received quite a bit of local exposure and publicity. Having a Guatemalan NGO in the network doing projects has the potential to generate interest and momentum.

PWX provides another NGO with no website a web presence and exposure into projects.

Having another NGO in the region (with a leader who has certainly a lot of international experience) helps make some connections shorter and stronger.

Tech glitches

By Peer Water Exchange Posted on Wed 25 Jun 2008, almost 15 years ago

Due to a big overhaul of the PWX platform (we hope you notice and like it) we had a couple of technical glitches and the q&a and review pages were not available. We have resolved it and hope that Lynn whose previous attempt did not succeed can get on now and participate (he is in the remote areas with limited access).

Apologies and thanks,

Request for specific info

By Blue Planet Network Posted on Fri 20 Jun 2008, almost 15 years ago

As Protos provided insight in another review: "It is extremely difficult to make a judgement for us on this membership application, if you can not check a website, or read an annual report. However, organisations not on the " international highway called Internet" should not be excluded on forehand."

It is hard for us to comment on a particular NGO. We will consider in the future to grant provisional membership, whereby we can see a partner's work and their participation for a couple before granting them full membership status (whatever that may mean). For now we look to El Porvenir and Water for People (and others) to provide direct insight.

Request for specific info

By El Porvenir Posted on Tue 24 Jun 2008, almost 15 years ago

As El Porvenir, we have not had the pleasure of working directly with APLS, but we have certainly heard of them and Lynn over the years, mostly from common donors that have mentioned how pleased they were to work with APLS and Lynn, citing their responsability, knowledge in the field and honesty. Although we did not have this direct contact, based on the recommendations of other organizations that we know, we have recommended APLS as a potential addition to PWX.

Pros & Cons

By CARE Posted on Fri 20 Jun 2008, almost 15 years ago

There are several aspects of the approach that are encouraging - co-financing, health and education training, combination of hand-washing and toilet facilities, etc. What is of concern to me is having Peace Corps volunteers manage the projects. It seems that when you are looking at behavior change and sensitive issues like hygiene and sanitation, it is better to have someone local who understands customs and culture (and speaks the language fluently). Are the PCVs trained in community organization and construction management? Typically PCVs are only around for two years, so you lose some continuity in the organization. Do you have some knowledge transfer mechanisms in place?
Susan Davis, CARE

Pros & Cons

By Agua Para La Salud (APLS) Posted on Wed 02 Jul 2008, over 14 years ago

I have read the comments by the individuals and do not have comment since they expressed their opinions and I accept and respect the different points of view. I will stand on my 14 years of well consrtucted water systems and facilities and await you decision on our status..

Comments related to Peace Corps involvement seem odd since we have had the experience here that CARE is not very supportive of PC efforts when volunteers are assigned to CARE at the requestof CARE.
The PC Healthy Schools project assigns a volunteer to several schools for two terms equalling 4 years and the Ministry of Education continues to support the program actively because of it´s success in Guatemala.

There is certainly room for a variety of approaches to health education and all should respect this contribution from what ever direction it is offered.