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Project vs awareness

By Blue Planet Network Posted on Fri 29 Aug 2008, about 15 years ago

Dear Namulonda and Justine,

We look forward to welcoming you into PWX.

Please can you give more info about your water and sanitation projects? Are you doing mainly awareness or do you actually oversee the implementation and impact of a project?

Seems you have been spreading a lot of good work. What specifically did you learn at the AWWC conf that was new?


Project vs awareness

By MWATF Posted on Sat 13 Sep 2008, about 15 years ago

MWATF engaged in Water and Sanitation Programmes and Water Services and Rain Water Harvesting Projects since earliest days of its founding, we have established Hand Dug Wells in rural areas and peri-urban settlements, put in place Boreholes, Protected Water Wells, as well as Pioneered Construction and development of Ferro-Cement Tanks in Rakai District, South West Uganda, inh some parts MWATF has been involved mobilizing and sensitizing communities on Underground Tanks development Techniques, and Corrugated Iron Tanks for Rain Water Harvest and Storage, MWATF has advocated for and promoted Boiling of Water before Drinkiing in Water-deficit locations, MWATF has Trainers of Trainees of Ferro-Cement Tanks, Underground Tanks, and various aspects of safe water and sanitation for poor communities, todate MWATF can count on these as achievements.

At the AWWC we learned about the importance of the BIO-SAND Filtration Systems so useful, and the Rainwater Catchment Technologies so innovative and affordable if Resources permit.

As well, the SOLAR Technology Applications so useful if were accessible in remote areas of Uganda,

Equally there was spirit of Solidarity among Women and stakeholders from different walks of life and cultures and countries in Africa and beyond.

Uniquely, we treasured contributions from sisters who organized this event, particularily Gemma Bolas, Melinda Krammer, Jan, Annette Fay, among others.

Namulondo Sarah.

Outreach Strategy

By A Single Drop Posted on Wed 10 Sep 2008, about 15 years ago

Hi Namulondo and Justine

Thanks for submitting your profile!

Can you tell us a little bit more about your outreach strategy? How is your $650,000 used? Conducting workshops, organizing communities? How are the water projects monitored?

Can you tell us more in detail about how your water projects work?

In sisterhood

In sisterhood!

Outreach Strategy

By MWATF Posted on Sat 13 Sep 2008, about 15 years ago

Hallo, Gema,

MWATFs outreach strategies are varied comprizing of :

1-a- Actions and Decisions at Secretariat Level

b-Fieldwork by the MWATF Teams(salarized and volunteer personnel)

c-Locations Representatives and partners who are Women Groups in their territories who comprize our focal points/coordinators in Subcounties and counties, and Districts. Their influence and presence/capabilities reach remote villages and parishes where they come from with Water and Sanitation messages.

d-Networks with partners in same and related fields at various levels, offer training services, negotiates and implements projects after soliciting funding .

2-The US$ 650,000 amount was general expenditure of the organization and covered:


3-MWATF continually Monitors Water Projects through liaison with local Water Committees and Coordinators in place to weigh functions of facilities in place against beneficiaries and set targets-whether successful or is meeting obstacles and lessons learnt.This way forward is forged accordingly.

4-MWATF community scouts study needs in target communities involving residence, opinions and discussions valued, projects identified with costs, committee set up, MWATF mobilizes resources, engaged engages the residence in its development at all phases, if the Water Point is built, the Management Committee -Water Committee is set in place to oversee the smooth operations of the systems and control/report/manage any anomaly and problems.MWATF uses these techniques at grassroots levels. At some points MWATF collaborates with Government agencies and other private sectors-NGOs, CBOs, FBOs, GROUPS, etc., including Household Heads.

As per now, a recent trip to a central Uganda District of KIBOGA(150 Kilometres West of Kampala) revealed serious needs for Water , women and kiids still trek 8 kms to fetch water for home use.These are challenges MWATF is meeting.

Namulondo Sarah Asumini.

Outreach Strategy

By A Single Drop Posted on Wed 24 Sep 2008, about 15 years ago

thanks so much for your very detailed response! It's very comprehensive and helpful.

I understand that you have many water projects being implemented. Is your model to "Train the Trainors", or does your salaried staff actually implement projects and do the construction?

Also, how do you distribute the funding? Does MWATF pay for all the materials and/or labor to implement the projects? is there contribution from the community?

In general, after a technology training, how long does it take for a community to actually implement? For example, if you give a Ferro cement training, how long does it take for the community to organize and actually start building ferro cement tanks in the community?


Be well

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