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Anna's email

By Women Initiative for Sustainable Environemnt Posted on Fri 31 Oct 2008, over 15 years ago

Dear Peer Water Team,

I have recently editted the profile of our secondary contact in person of Anna Avong. You may please also note that her email address is annaavong@yahoo.co.uk. I have also supplied her mobile number on which she confirmed to me that Mariah (our Bio-Sand Water Filter Trainer at the 1st African Women and Water Conference) has been in touch with her.

Best Regards,


Plans for water project

By Blue Planet Network Posted on Mon 13 Oct 2008, over 15 years ago

Dear Olanike and Anna,

Thank you for submitting your profile for membership into PWX. I look forward to learning more about you and your work and welcoming you into PWX.

A few questions:

1/ Can you tell me what were the learnings at the AWWC most relevant to you?

2/ Do you plan to implement a project yourself or just train?

3/ Can you explain more about the water situation in your area? You mention industrial pollution? Can you describe the situation? Is it mainly quality issues or also scarcity?

You have 2 contacts for your organization. Right now both have the same email. Maybe #1 should be for Anna with her email and bio.


Plans for water project

By Women Initiative for Sustainable Environemnt Posted on Fri 17 Oct 2008, over 15 years ago

Dear Rajesh,
Thank you for your comments. The responses are outlined below.

1. The learnings at the AWWC most relevant to us include:
a. The hands on practical training and demonstration sessions on Water Testing, Biosand Filter Construction and Installation, Business Plan/ Proposal Writing, Sanitation and Hygiene.
b. Resource Sharing.

2. We will train and also implement water projects

3. Tough there are elements of scarcity in our base community, the major problem is one of quality hence our choice of embarking on trainings and implementation of projects that will improve the quality of water available to members of the community, specifically, the rural community. As regards industrial pollution, Kaduna State is one of the industrial hubs of Nigeria, and industrial activities impact negatively on the various sources of drinking water available to the people as majority of the industries dispose of their wastes especially waste water into water bodies thus resulting in the pollution of both underground and surface water. This however is not the only source of water contamination. Another source is the location of sanitary facility close to water sources and also sharing of some of these sources with animals. In some other situation, open defaecation is implicated as a source of water pollution.

4. Anna does not work directly with EMPRONET (The organizers of the AWWC are aware of this). Anna is the president of an umbrella body of women organizations with whom EMPRONET collaborates with. Anna was nominated by EMPRONET to attend the AWWC because the beneficiaries of the proposed project to be carried out by EMPRONET cut across women. However, if it is pertinent that we forward her itinery , it will be done. You may please note that we are working to ensure that her access to the internet is enhanced towards this end. In the alternative, please let me know if sending the contact of another staff of EMPRONET will do. Be rest assured that this will not affect the working agreement we already have with Anna's Women Groups as it relates to the intended Projects.



Implementation Capacity

By A Single Drop Posted on Sat 18 Oct 2008, over 15 years ago

Hi Olanike

I'm so glad to hear more about your work!

1) Can you tell me a little bit about EMPRONET's organizational infrastructure and implementation strategy? What does your staff consist of? For example: Do you have volunteers? Engineers? Community Mobilizers? Community Organizations that you work with?

2) Can you briefly tell me how you've rolled out your past water projects? For example: Community mobilization? How you sensitize your community? Training? Implementation?

I look forward to hearing more!

IN sisterhood

Implementation Capacity

By Women Initiative for Sustainable Environemnt Posted on Mon 20 Oct 2008, over 15 years ago

EMPRONET is a young, small but fast growing grassroots Non Governmental Organization taht has thrived more on self funding and networking capapilities. Much of the work we have done is in collaboration with partners and organizations working in line with our set goals and objectives. What we lack in in terms of man power is made up for by our collaborators.
Currently, EMPRONET consists of four staff and six consistent volunteers. The staff is made up of a Programme Coordinator, Programmme Manager, Office Assistant and Programme Officer. One of our closest partners a Water Engineer, is the founder of Love and Compassion NGO. Our Volunteers are also of immense support to our community mobilization as well as technical work and efforts. We maximise the use of Information, Communication and Educational materials in our communioty mobilization work. Our greatest asset and strength is our networking abilities and our volunteers.

We also engage in a lot of advocacy work.

Implementation Capacity

By Women Initiative for Sustainable Environemnt Posted on Mon 20 Oct 2008, over 15 years ago

Dear Gemma, I hope to send you a detailed mail soon.



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