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By Gram Vikas Posted on Thu 05 Mar 2009, almost 13 years ago

It is good to hear that you have successfully implemented water supply system for the village Ruipathar by installing a solar water pump. Gram Vikas also provides piped water supply to individual households, using solar power, in 5 villages in the tribal and hilly regions of Orissa, specifically in Ganjam and Gajapati districtIts. Its great that you have taken initiative to bring water to Domi using Gravity Flow mechanism. There are few questions which needs your kind attention:

1.How you will ensure year round water supply to the village? Our experience says, unless you get sufficient rain or take sufficient measures to recharge ground water, continuous supply of water mainly in summer season would be quite difficult.

2. How can you be sure that in future differences would not arise between these two villages . You have taken permission from the Ruipathar village, it looks great, but do the permission have any legal sanctity?

3. How many people and Households will be benefitted from this project?Does this project plan to supply piped water to individual households or through public standposts?

4.Are you going to provide only protected piped water or taking any steps for sanitation facilities for the beneficiaries?

Hope, you will pay attention to these questions.


By Melghat Mitra Posted on Sun 08 Mar 2009, almost 13 years ago

Harvey has already responded to Joe's questions, I am adding to his reply.

The well under question is currently being drained to check its flow. No doubt that water recharging has to be ensured, however, this well is known by the villagers to be full even during summer. Water recharging systems need funds, and we hope to implement them as and when we have the funds for these.

Re the possibility of future differences between the villages, if both the villages show commitment, I think it will last more than any legal agreement. But yes, we will have to ensure that both the villages give their sanction and agree to bind by their word.

Domi has 65 houses. As of now, we are planning for stand posts. As and when money becomes available, we hope to extend the project to have tapped water, sanitation blocks.


Staff, distance from projects, and growth

By Blue Planet Network Posted on Sat 28 Feb 2009, almost 13 years ago

Thank you for submitting your profile.

I hope that WOTR and Gram Vikas will provide more information about your work and area which seems to fall in between them geographically. Esp. WOTR who has an office in Pune.

My questions relate to the potential of growing your work. There are 3 projects mentioned in your profile and attached brochures. What is the total area you envision covering and how many water projects do you see the need for over the next few years?

Since the 2 contacts mentioned are volunteers who live far away, do you have any full-time staff or representatives in the area where you work? How often do you visit your projects?


Staff, distance from projects, and growth

By Melghat Mitra Posted on Thu 05 Mar 2009, almost 13 years ago

1. We are told by the Ruipathar villagers that the spring that will feed Domi and the cattle watering station has water flowing year round. Ruipathar's solar powered well/pump previously was water from nearby that the village used prior to thepump being installed and water was available year round too.
2. There is no legal agreement for Domi's use of the water from the spring in Ruipathar's back yard. However, the verbal agreement was that Ruipathar could shut off the water if there wasn't enough for their cows. There will be valves leading from the spring. With Madhu and the others from Melghat working therefull time, any problem that could develop will be taken care of them verbally. They have been given a solar pumping system and we are working on giving them lighting for their houses. They owe us too much to back out on their verbal agreement.

3. There are about 36 houses in Domi but I may not have the correct number as I am relying on my very good memory which is only good for 2 or 3 minutes. Madhu and the others continue to work with thevillagers for health and other improvements. I believe that Gendlal who works with Madhu has his family in Domi. Water will be supplied to the villagers at two standpipes.

Staff, distance from projects, and growth

By Melghat Mitra Posted on Sun 08 Mar 2009, almost 13 years ago

We are in touch with 28 villages out of the 320 in Melghat. All of them have a problem of water and sanitation, and we hope to cover them all in the near future. Our idea of a water and sanitation program is that each village has clean potable drinking water coupled with sufficient water for daily domestic use and sanitation facilities. We are also working for harvesting water for agriculture through watershed planning as we believe it to be the key for the development of the people.

Though Harvey and I are the two contacts listed here, we have a full-fledged team based at CHilati, supported by a number of volunteers in the world. WE visit the project as and when necessary.

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