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A 5-cabin latrine and an improved stove will be built on the school’s premises.

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The school “Escuela Oficial Rural Mixta Las Flores Turanza” is located in LAS FLORES TURANZA a community in the Municipality of Nebaj. Nebaj belongs to the so-called Ixil-Triangle in the Department of El Quiché in Guatemala, Central America. The community Las Flores Turanza is located approximately 3 km south-east of Nebaj. Set amid a mountainous landscape, the climate is cold, humid and rainy.

The school children are using two flush toilets, which belong to the health center. A septic tank exists, but is too small to cope with the high usage.

School snacks are usually cooked on open fires, using large amounts of wood and exposing the cook to a dangerous amount of smoke.

The village has a gravity-flow water system implemented by FONAPAZ and OXFAM in 1999 with a household connection for every family. The school has a hand-washing station, implemented by Agua Para La Salud in 2002, which has recently been repaired.


Las Flores Turanza, Municipality of Nebaj, El Quiche Department, Guatemala


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Primary Focus: Sanitation - Schools
Secondary Focus: Hygiene Education

People Getting Safe Drinking Water: 0

School Children Getting Water: 0

People Getting Sanitation: 68

The project will be executed on the premises of the local school in which 3 teachers educate 65 children.

People Getting Other Benefits: 360

The community consists of 60 households with a total of approximately 360 inhabitants.

We build working relationships with the communities while providing access to water for all members within the community. Our goal is good health for the communities in which we work, therefore health and hygiene promotions are an integral part of each project. To further improve the health and hygiene for children APS carries out specific projects providing appropriate sanitation (hand-washing stations and latrines or flush toilets with septic tanks) to schools in the communities.

Application Type: Project Funding

Start Date: 2009-06-01

Completion Date: 2009-09-30

Technology Used:

A 5 cabin latrine will be built on the school’s premises. The latrines designed by APS possess lockable metal doors to prevent vandalism. A tin roof keeps out sunlight and therefore reduces insect population.

The improved stove has been designed by a Peace Corps volunteer and APS masons according to the need in schools.
It heats large amounts of “atol” or “mosh” (local versions of porridge) using small amounts of wood. The chimney connected improves the air flow and therefore optimizes the wood consumption and leads the smoke outside. Especially because the stove is very low, it is a well accepted alternative to the open fires the snacks are often cooked on.


Yes, in four weeks.

Community Organization:

Unskilled laborers of the community, most probably parents of the school children, will help the masons working for Agua Para La Salud with construction.

Government Interaction:

Ancillary activities:

Other Issues:

Maintenance Revenue:

Government provides basic funding for school maintenance along with yearly contribution from parents.

Maintenance Cost: $10


Prior art before metrics

Cost: $3,364

See attached.

Co Funding Amount: $0

Community Contribution Amount: $761

Unskilled labor (3 men per mason),
equivalent to Q 6.000.00 / US$ 761.42;
wood, rock.

Fund Requested: $3,364

Implementing Organization:


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    Since APLS has submitted 6 applications for school projects, only one application will be reviewed and the rest will inherit the fate of the reviewed one:

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