plan 303Construction of 50 nos. of model ECOSAN toilets for the women SHG members in Sethubavachatram and Peravurani Blocks of Tanjore District, Tamilnadu


The successful functioning of 20 nos. of model ECOSAN toilets constructed in Vathalikadu and Kalanivasal villages during 2009-10 under PWX funding has resulted in the expansion of 50 nos. of ECOSAN toilets in the surrounding villages.


In rural Villages of Tamilnadu open defecation is a common aspect. The present situation is not favorable to the girls and women in most of the villages to perform the day-to-day defecation and to urinate in a safe and private place. Ekoventure has been involved in creating awareness among the women SHG members about the importance of toilets. Under the PWX project funds Ekoventure has constructed 20 nos. of model ECOSAN toilets in the Vathalaikadu and Kalanivasal villages of Sethubavachatram block, Tanjore district, Tamilnadu during 2009-10. The women SHG members are the beneficiaries of the project. The contribution part has been obtained as loan from the Group by the members.
All the 20 nos. of toilets are presently in use. out of the 20 families only 3 families reported of bad odour from the toilets in the early stage. Use of more quantity of wood/cowdung ash traeted with Activated Effective Microorganism solution has been recommended and adopted to reduce the foul smell.

The present project is an expansion of the work done in the two villages to the other surrounding villages. The successful use of the ECOSAN toilets in these 2 villages will help in changing the mindset of the public towards ECOSAN toilets. The present project will be implemented in Kalathur, Palayanagar and Kalagam Panchayaths of Peravurani Block and Kalanivasal, Kuruvikarambai and Veeriankottai Panchayaths of Sethubavachatram Block, Tanjore District, Tamilnadu.


Sethubavachatram and Peravurani, Tanjore District, Tamilnadu, India


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Primary Focus: Sanitation - Households
Secondary Focus: Hygiene Education

People Getting Safe Drinking Water: 0

School Children Getting Water: 0

People Getting Sanitation: 250

50 families of the women SHG guided and supervised by the Ekoventure NGO.

People Getting Other Benefits: 600

The masons (5nos.) in this area will be trained in the construction of ECOSAN toilets.
At present Ekoventure is guiding 42 nos. of Women SHGs in the Sethubavachatram and Peravurani blocks of Tanjore district. The SHGs will be trained on the importance of ECOSAN toilets.
Awareness will be created among the entire community in the village on ECOSAN toilets.

Start Date: 2010-09-01

Completion Date: 2011-03-31

Technology Used:

In conventional toilets, it requires large quantity of water for flushing and for transporting the excreta into a septic tank. Moreover, the septic tanks are emptied into the nearby water bodies and thereby resulting in the contamination of the water resources. In the ECOSAN toilets, the excreta is composted and disposed of as manure.

Ekoventure had linked all these women SHGs with the Bank under the microfinance programme. Most of the women have expressed their willingness to contribute a part of their loan amount for the construction of a toilet of their own.

Awareness meetings will be conducted intensively for the women SHG members in which the benefits of ECOSAN toilets will be explained. Video films on importance of Sanitation and ECOSAN toilets will be projected in all the six Panchayaths. Separate Trainings will be organised for the masons and the beneficiaries followed by exposure visits to the existing ECOSAN toilets in the Vathalikadu and Kalanivasal villages.

The women beneficiaries will be arranged for the loan towards their contribution from their group for the construction of the ECOSAN toilets.


Yes in one phase.

The amount shall be released in two parts – 50% as advance and the remaining 50% immediately after completion of construction of toilets.

Community Organization:

The project is to be implemented involving the women SHG members who were associated with this NGO since 2003 and with their support this project will be implemented in a participatory way by involving them in all aspects of this project – planning, execution and monitoring.

The women have voluntarily opted to contribute Rs. 2700 per toilet towards their contribution.

Government Interaction:

The Government is providing Rs. 2300 per toilet construction through DRDA/BDO.

The individual applications for the 20 nos. of ECOSAN toilets constructed earlier have been submitted to the Govt and the subsidy amount is yet to be sanctioned.

Ancillary activities:

At least 5 masons will be trained in the construction aspects of ECOSAN toilets.

Other Issues:

Maintenance Revenue:

The women SHG members will be motivated to avail Bank loans for the construction of ECOSAN toilets as a special case.

Maintenance Cost: $0


Prior art before metrics

Cost: $15,909

See attachment

Co Funding Amount: $2,500

From the Govt Scheme through DRDA/BDO

Community Contribution Amount: $2,935

The women beneficiaries will contribute Rs. 2700 per toilet.

Fund Requested: $10,474


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    To reduce review time only one of a similar group of applications is being reviewed.

    The fate of this application is linked to the following one by Ekoventure, where peer review has been conducted:

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