plan 378Safe Drinking water and Ecological sanitation in three villages of Nettapakkam Commune panchayath, Puducherry


Construction of ECOSAN toilets and distribution of Siphon water filters for 50 families to ensure Eco-sanitation and safe drinking water in Kariamanickam, Earipakkam and Nettapakkam villages of Nettapakkam Commune Panchayath, Puducherry.


In rural Villages of Puducherry open defecation is a common practise and the 3 villages chosen for are not an exceptional one. In these 3 villages, only 15-20% of the households have toilet facilities. It is important to sensitize people on the importance of safe disposal of human excreta.

The present situation is not favorable to the girls and women in these 3 villages to perform the day-to-day defecation and to urinate in a safe and private place. Similarly due to contaminated drinking water, particularly, during rainy seasons has resulted in the spread of diarrohea, dysentry, etc.,


Nettapakkam Commune Panchayath, Puducherry, India


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Primary Focus: Sanitation - Households
Secondary Focus: Water Purification

People Getting Safe Drinking Water: 250

50 families will be provided with siphon water filters.

School Children Getting Water:

People Getting Sanitation: 250

50 families will own ECOSAN toilets.

People Getting Other Benefits: 500

The masons will be trained under the project in the construction of ECOSAN toilets. Awareness meetings will be conducted on the importance of ecological sanitation and safe drinking water.

Start Date: 2011-09-01

Completion Date: 2012-03-31

Technology Used:

In conventional flush out toilets, it requires large quantity of water for flushing and for transporting the excreta into a septic tank. Moreover, the septic tanks are emptied into the nearby water bodies and thereby resulting in the contamination of the water resources. In the ECOSAN toilets, the night soil is composted and used as manure to enrich the soil.

Also, the beneficiaries will be introduced with the Siphon water filters to ensure safe drinking water. This Water Filter of low cost is being manufactured by Basic Water Needs India Pvt Ltd, Auroville and is being effectively utilised in the Schools provided by Ekoventure under similar projects.

Awareness meetings will be conducted intensively for the women SHG members in which the benefits of ECOSAN toilets will be explained. Video films on importance of safe drinking water, Sanitation and ECOSAN toilets will be projected in these three villages.

Separate Trainings will be organised for the masons and the beneficiaries followed by exposure visits to the existing ECOSAN toilets in Ranganathapuram Village, Villupuram district..

The women beneficiaries will be arranged for the loan towards their contribution from their group for the construction of the ECOSAN toilets.


In one Phase

Community Organization:

The beneficiaries will be selected in consultation with the village panchayath, women SHGs and village leaders. The ECOSAN toilets will be constructed for individual households in their owned area. Further, the participants contribute nearly 15% towards the construction of toilet and for the water filter.

The project is to be implemented involving the women SHG members and with their support this project will be implemented in a participatory way by involving them in all aspects of this project – planning, execution and monitoring.

The women have voluntarily opted to contribute Rs. 2500 per toilet towards their contribution.

Hence, the ownership of the assets created under this project will be with the community members

Government Interaction:

The District Rural Development Agency (DRDA) will be involved in the implementation of the project. The DRDA will be approached to obtain the subsidy component of Rs. 2500 per toilet

Ancillary activities:

Atleast 5 masons will be trained in the construction of ECOSAN toilets.

Awareness camps in Schools will be conducted on the importance of Ecological Sanitation and Safe Drinking water.

Other Issues:

Maintenance Revenue:

Maintenance Cost: $0


Prior art before metrics

Cost: $22,067

Budget attached

Co Funding Amount: $2,809

The subsidy amount of Rs 2500 per toilet from the District Rural Development Agency will be availed.

Community Contribution Amount: $2,865

The community members will contribute Rs 2500 for toilet and Rs 50 for the water filter.

Fund Requested: $16,393


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    Ekoventure has submitted 2 applications. Only one will be reviewed and the other will inherit its review.

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