plan 553St Bonaventure Phase 3 Gravity Fed Tap system Mulajji Village Uganda


In 2012 we completed a sustainable deep borehole project at St. Bonaventure Primary School in Mulajji Village, Uganda. We now need to complete Phase 3: installation of a gravity fed tap system to the school, cooking area and dormitories.


The children have no way to properly clean their jerrycans on a regular basis and still have to fill and carry heavy jerrycans full of water from the new 2012 borehole. We need to bring safe water directly to the students, staff and visitors.


Mulajji Village, Luwerro District, Ethiopia


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Primary Focus: Drinking Water - Schools
Secondary Focus: Hygiene Education

People Getting Safe Drinking Water: 100

Visitors, staff, church goers

School Children Getting Water: 700

Many are orphaned and age baby class- primary 7 (2-14 years old)

People Getting Sanitation: 0

People Getting Other Benefits: 0

Start Date: 2013-12-16

Completion Date: 2014-02-13

Technology Used:

Gravity fed farm irrigation system; school to supply generator once a week to fill water tower


One phase; third and final phase at St. Bonaventure Primary School

Community Organization:

School is run by priests, a headmaster, over a dozen teachers, a few caretakers for the orphans, and a small clinic and nunary. The school also has a church and priest quarters on site.

Government Interaction:

Ancillary activities:

Other Issues:

Maintenance Revenue:

The school is committed to the maintenance costs and generator costs.

Maintenance Cost:


Track construction progress: schedule TBD
Track water committee trainings: schedule TBD
Update number of people and demographics being impacted
Track ongoing usage of borehole
Annual water quality testing

Cost: $14,098


Co Funding Amount: $0

David Christof has raised over the amount needed for the project (totals about $15,700) Wish with to use the remaining funds towards our otehr application in Masindi at Family Spirit AIDS orphanage.

Community Contribution Amount:

Community will supply maintenance costs, any ground clearing needed, materials storage and protection and generator use (ongoing) to move water to the holding tank.

Fund Requested: $14,098


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