plan 94Creation of a rain-fed lake at Inventure Academy


Inventure Academy wishes to create a lake by digging up a nearby enclosed area and fill it up by channeling all the rainwater from the building and grounds. Need permission from Bangalore Lake Development Authority.


Inventure Academy is a new international school on a sprawling campus 20 km east of Bangalore.

It needs water for its school, kitchen, sanitation, and gardens. However, despite sinking 14 deep borewells, they see an impending crisis: 11 of them are dry.

Something needs to be done - its hard to imagine another water source, so it has to involve recharging the groundwater and also working on consumption.


Karnataka, South India, India


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Primary Focus: Groundwater Recharge
Secondary Focus: Rainwater Harvesting

People Getting Safe Drinking Water: 0

School Children Getting Water: 0

School has 14 tube wells, 11 are dry

People Getting Sanitation: 0

People Getting Other Benefits: 500

This will recharge the ground water on which the school is heavily dependent and is threatening to run out. Nearby community will benefit.

Start Date: 2011-02-10

Completion Date: 2012-02-10

Technology Used:

Currently the rainwater is collected from the roofs and channeled into an open area where it flows into a culvert that empties out about 2 km away. The school property also slopes and the rainwater on the grounds also flows out the same way.

The plan is to dig up the area and create a lake. The attached calculations show that the lake could hold a lot of water and much of it would seep into the ground and recharge the ground.


Community Organization:

The school is organized around the project, but the Bangalore Lake Development Authority, after one visit, has not granted permission to build the lake.

Government Interaction:

Ancillary activities:

Other activities would be reduce the consumption through creating more native green cover.

This could be part of a school education curriculum.

Other Issues:

Maintenance Revenue:

The school will maintain the grounds. While it is public property access is planned to be restricted to maintain the sanctity of the lake.

Maintenance Cost: $1,000


Prior art before metrics

Cost: $10,000

Estimate of the costs

Co Funding Amount: $10,000

School funds

Community Contribution Amount: $0

Fund Requested: $0

Implementing Organization: Inventure Academy


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