A NABARD-WDF Project in Andra Pradesh

  • Impact Assessment (M&E) Phase Project completed on 3 Feb, 2010 Implementation Phase
  • Implementation Phase Project started on 3 Feb, 2010 Preparation Phase

A NABARD-WDF Project in Andra Pradesh


People Impacted: 4761

People Getting Safe Drinking Water: 4761

Watershed project rejuvenated the water table for 635 households.

People Getting Other Benefits: 4761

All of the communities will benefit from the promotion of self-help based watershed development which contributes to improving living conditions and increasing income in rural areas. Watershed Development in India is considered as a strategic intervention for poverty reduction. This is especially so since over 70% of arable land in India is rainfed on which over 60% of rural India draws its subsistence from.


Final Cost: