Salaries and administration in Camoapa, Dario and El Sauce, Nicaragua

  • Impact Assessment (M&E) Phase Project completed on 31 Dec, 2007 Implementation Phase
  • Implementation Phase Project started on 1 Jan, 2007 Preparation Phase

Salaries and administration in Camoapa, Dario and El Sauce, Nicaragua


Creating and measuring long-term impact

Gravity flow water project beneficiaries pay monthly stipend in anticipation of system repairs. Well project beneficiaries pay for repairs as needed by community collection.

Other Issues

Unusual and unexpected issues faced during project execution

After project construction, water project communities are invited to participate in reforestation. Those who want to do so will develop seedling nurseries, transplant in the rainy season, and maintain the plantations under barbed wire fence and "no burn" protection for three years minimum. Reforestation project includes construction of fuel-saving, smoke-free stoves in the homes of reforestation participants (and eventually others). Community health educators will visit all projects after construction to teach hygience (handwashing e.g.) and encourage ongoing maintenance and repair of all projects, strengthen local committees, etc.

In order to measure the impact of our projects, we collect data several times a year from clinics serving rural districts where we have a high concentration of projects: number of visits due to diarrhea, etc. As the number decreases we feel that hygiene education has been effective.

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People Getting Safe Drinking Water: 1068

178 families will help build their own wells and water systems.

School Children Getting Water: 70

There is one primary school well amongst our projects proposed for 2007, in La Reina, Camoapa. There are 70 students.

People Getting Sanitation: 686

106 families will help build their own latrines.

People Getting Other Benefits: 1276

1276 people will receive health and hygiene education, training in long term maintenance of projects, opportunity to take part in reforestation of microwatersheds


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