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Id Name Organization Country Status
905 Eco-sanitation in Villupuram district PALMYRA India completed
902 Integrated Wasteland Development Programme PALMYRA India completed
512 Provide Sanitation facility in Endiyur Village of Marakkanam Block of Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu. PALMYRA India completed
1685 Provide Sanitation facility to Rural Families in Karasanur Village in Vanur Block of Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu. PALMYRA India pending
473 Rehabilitation of Integrated Tank Management Systems in the Kalivelli Watershed PALMYRA India completed
904 Safe drinking water in 4 villages PALMYRA India completed
907 Support for Community management of Tank and Ground- water irrigation and Support for Women’s groups to learn and manage off-farm* income-generat PALMYRA India completed
903 Tank Rehabilitation Project Pondicherry (TRPP) PALMYRA India completed
906 ‘More Crop and Income per Drop of Water’ Farmers Participatory Action Research Programme PALMYRA India completed
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