Applicant Agua Para la Vida (APLV) Plan ID: 263
Status: approved_accepted Review Cycle end date: 2011-09-21

Integrated drinking water and sanitation project (long-term hygiene education, maintenance education, watershed reforestation and conservation).


182 families
268 children less than 13 years old
264 women
315 men
Source : APLV own survey


149 children in two schools

Source : APLV own survey


109 families
160 children less than 13 years old
158 women
188 men
Source : APLV own survey


Hygiene education : 505 people
Water system Maintenance training : 10 persons

Hygiene education, a program that reaches all homes and is incorporated in both schools. Capacity building is inherent in the organization of the village prior to project.

Water - Community
Sanitation - Community


Region Autonoma Atlantico Norte (RAAN)

Project Narrative

There are two communities called Mongallo y NegroWas near one to the other (1.5 miles).
They both need water.
The population uses mostly water from personal wells (hand rope pump) and from ravines. The quality of this water is not ensured.
Both communities went to ask Agua Para La Vida’s help on March 2007.

The presence of a big spring which does not dry up during summer and that is located above the communities suggest a gravity system as the obvious first choice. These systems are the specialty of APLV which has designed and help build 63 of them- all presently functioning. The basic components are a spring-catching and protecting construction, a buried conduction line to a holding tank evening out the supply over the day, and a distribution network leading to individual water taps all by gravity.
APLV has developed advanced design tools for such systems which have performed excellently.

The project will be carried out in one stage.

The two communities have been organized. Families have each individually signed a commitment to work the required number of men-days and seem highly motivated by the project.
A CAPS (committee charged both to organize the daily work schedule during construction and to learn and provide maintenance after construction) has been formed with people from both communities (10 people, 5 of each).
Monthly rates per family have been established to cover maintenance and its tools. The project is kept under observation by APLV for 4 to 6 months and is thereafter formally handed over to the community as its owner. The spring has been formally sold to the community by its former owner.

Government supports this project.
The town council of Siuna accepts to give 17,294 U$ as its participation to the project. This money will be used to buy piping and water meters.

Reforestation is one component of our training of the community, because reforestation of the watershed is important to guarantee spring sustainability.

This undertaking should of course be the responsibility of the local and central governments. While municipalities are just beginning to contribute to such projects, their resources allow them to be only minor contributors. However they may play an important role for instance in helping enforce the national law guaranteeing communal access to springs and other sources of water as well as using their facilities (trucks) for material transport.

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Project Financials


Uploaded excel data sheet of 2010. Presupuesto - Consolidado Global de letrinas 2011 budget details also attached.


Japan Embassy : 92,581 U$
Hermanos para la Salud : 5,000 U$
Town Hall of Siuna : 17,294 U$
Agua Para La Vida : 27,065 U$


Labor : all excavation work, trench digging
Food for the construction team.


Project Sustainability and Impact Assessment

The maintenance costs are totally assumed by the community through monthly payments collected by the CAPS. The CAPS is responsible for the management of the fund. Maintenance costs are minimal and estimated at 80 U$/month.


Implementer Details (if other than applicant)

Application Summary

Applicant :   Agua Para la Vida (APLV)
Status : approved_accepted
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Amount Funded :   $30,484
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MSSCT : $30,484
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: $30,484
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