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Congratulations and welcome!

By Peer Water Exchange Posted on Tue 03 Jul 2018, over 4 years ago

Dear SLAIT trustees,

You have pulled out one of the few miracles in Bangalore and your work is the ray of light in a city getting destroyed.

Look forward to learning in detail about the work and especially the effort and persistence.

Also want to capture the learnings and leftovers. For example, it is my understanding that you are not able to handle all the sewage that comes into the lake, but are passing some of it on downstream.


Congratulations and welcome!

By Sarakki Lake Area Improvement Trust (SLAIT) Posted on Wed 04 Jul 2018, over 4 years ago

Dear Rajesh,

Thank you for helping onboard us on this platform.

I look forward to seeing how our projects are showcased on this platform. We are happy to share our work and data and hope that other lake-enthusiasts can learn and it can help other lakes big and small.

Prof Bhat

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