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AWWC learnings and plans for projects

By Blue Planet Network Posted on Wed 22 Oct 2008, over 15 years ago

Dear Margaret and Dinah,

Thank you for putting your organization profile on PWX. I look forward to welcoming you into the network.

Your history with pasteurization is good. Can you explain what the water sources are in your area? Is there other contamination?

What other water approaches did you learn at AWWC that you feel you can use in your area?

Also, please add your address info in 'Primary Location'.


AWWC learnings and plans for projects

By Oywa 'A' Solar Support Group Posted on Tue 18 Nov 2008, over 15 years ago

Water sources in our area:
Wells and Boreholes
Rainwater tanks

Yes there is other contamination:
Dead animals

Other approaches we laernt at AWWC that we feel we can use in our area are:
Water harvesting
Use of the BioSand Filter
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
Solar Cooking
Water testing and pasteurization

Structure of Organization

By A Single Drop Posted on Mon 27 Oct 2008, over 15 years ago

Dear Dinah and Margaret

I'm so glad to have you on PWX. I hope that you find this process useful.

Can you briefly tell me about how SCI supports OYWA?

Also, can you briefly explain the organizational infrastructure of SCi and OYWA? For example, how many are in the group, what do they do, what is their business structure?

Thanks ladies

Structure of Organization

By Oywa 'A' Solar Support Group Posted on Tue 18 Nov 2008, over 15 years ago

How SCI supports Oywa 'A':
1. Financial support-awareness creation, demonstrations, group meetings, follow-ups and site visits
2. Technical support-training Oywa 'A' Solar Support Group on basic bookkeeping, communication, marketing, solar cooking, water testing and pasteurization
3. Organizational infrastructure of SCI and Oywa 'A'
SCI EARO--Projects--Nyanza (the other regions are Western and Eastern)--Groups--Oywa 'A'
Oywa 'A' Solar Support Group has 15 active members and they are doing:
-Training the community on solar cooking and water pasteurization and environmental conservation
-Involving women in making and selling CooKits
-Carrying out group training on how to trap rain water during rainy seasons (rain water catchments)
-Training women and youth groups to use Solar CooKits to pasteurize water or use of WaterGuard to get safe drinking water