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ANEPO and TGGA Arusha Region are engaged in improving health status in the community by educating them on safe and clean water and the use of organic food. ANEPO also creates projects which helps women econmical e.g poultry projects.

Date Founded 2004-04-24
Primary Focus Funding
Secondary Focus Capacity Building
History of Water Projects
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ANEPO and TGGA have been involved in sensitization in water issues by educating the community on clean and safe water by using solar methods which was introduced to us by M/S Barby Pulman an American Girl Guide in 2005 when she visited Tanzania.

Organization Background

ANEPO is an environment organisation which started its function in 2004 with a motive of sensitizing the community on environment, health and poverty alleviation issues.ANEPO is a registered organisations.
Environmentally, ANEPO has focused on the deforestation and its effects, the use of chemical fertiliser to produce food.ANEPO has concetrated her efforts to women, girls and school children which we have introduced environment groups.ANEPO have managed to create awareness on environment friendly attitude to the community and awarded twice by the Arusha Municipal Council as a first women group to engage such programme.
Healthwise, ANEPO is training women and youth on the importance of quality food by creating awareness on the importance of organic food especially vegetables.Food is our grave concern as there is an increase in diseases like cancer, bloodpressure and blood related problems,diabeticcases and malnutrition due to poor preparation methods.
Regarding water ANEPO had engaged in sensitizing the community on safe and clean water through pasturization methods, knowledge acquired from M/S Barby using WAPI Indicator gadget but this still have not fulfilled our mission of providing knowledge and technical expertise to the community.
On poverty alleviation in the community, ANEPO introduced poultry farming which have helped the communties involved in this programme to improve the economies through sale of eggs, and chicken.The refuse from chicken is used to produce organic vegetables which now is in high demand due ANEPO training on chemicals.
On the issue of funds ANEPO has been using monthly contribution from members to carry out programmes and most of the time this have a big constraint in attaining the goals.
Regarding human resources ANEPO, is blessed as most the members are retired members from different fields and are capable of carrying out the missions.
ANEPO could carry out more progammes if financial resources were available and to date we have a progrmme of water to Masaai villages but we have failed to start due to this problem, though we have created the awareness on the quality of water which they are consuming.

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