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Water project plans

By A Single Drop Posted on Fri 10 Oct 2008, about 14 years ago

Hi Anna and Syoni

I'm so glad to have you on the Forum!

1) I wanted to ask you about your Water for Masai project. Can you tell me a little about your plans, strategies?

2) other than the funds from your monthly membership dues, do you have access to other funding?

3) I understand your members are retirees. Can you briefly give me an idea of some of the expertise and experience these women bring to the organization?

4) Can you briefly tell me about any of the water related projects that you have started?

Thanks so much!

Many hugs from here!

Water project plans

By ANEPO Posted on Mon 13 Oct 2008, about 14 years ago

Dear Gemma,
Hopetha you are fine dear,
Responding to you questions,
1. I had a vist to Maasai village where I found out that women were have problems with water:
a,the had waterfrom resrvoirswhich was also used by animals
b, the had no information on water borne diseases
c, the women also travel along distance.
d, in schools teacher spent alot of time looking for water.
ANEPO have come with a plan which will be tabled after the Vice President visit to the area.
We will engage the following training
a, CLEAN AND SAFE WATER filtration, testing and boiling using solar.
b, harvesting of water we will contact RAIN CATCHER NAIROBI.
c, we are told that thereis a river we will tell the Authority to engage River sand dam they have agreed but could not come to agreement due to this visit.

Water project plans

By Blue Planet Network Posted on Thu 09 Oct 2008, about 14 years ago

Dear Anna and Syoni,

Thank you for submitting your profile for consideration for PWX membership. I look forward to welcoming you to PWX.

After reading through your interesting profile i have a few questions:

1/ What did you learn at the AWWC that you feel you can immediately apply in your area?

2/ Are you planning to do a few projects yourself or train the trainer?

3/ Can you expand on the WAPI indicator gadget please?

I went ahead and separated your two logins. If Syoni has her own email, she can update the "Primary Contact" with it and her bio.

Also, i removed the Secondary Location as it was the same as your Primary address.


Water project plans

By ANEPO Posted on Mon 13 Oct 2008, about 14 years ago

Dear Rajesh,
Thanx for mails.
Responding to your questions:
1.The most important area which we learnt with AWWC and can be applied immediately tomy area is SOLAR USE, WASH, TESTING OF WATER, we have already started training schools and women on water issues regarding clean and safe water.
2.We have already taught our members in ANEPO on what we had gain fromthe conference and we are expecting to start 1 programme when weget some financial assistance locally. In our church we won acompetition on women programme when we educated the women on water issues.These women will be our TOTS.
3 WAPI water pasturization indicator is a gadgetwhich is usedto measure the hotest point in boiling water when we use solar cookit the gadgets have wax which will melt after that hotest or boiling point which no bacteria will survive.

Water project plans

By A Single Drop Posted on Sat 18 Oct 2008, about 14 years ago

Hi Anna and Syoni

FYI. I just wanted to comment on the WAPI. The process of pastuerization is that it reaches a certain temperature which is lower than boiling point, but if you maintain that lower temperature for a longer amount of time, it will have the same effect as boiling. The solar ovens cannot reach boiling point. The solar ovens actually have the ability to pastuerize. I hope that's helpful.

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