plan 28Village Water Supply for 2-3 villages


Drinking water project for two to three villages in arid region of Western India


BPR funded 3 village projects in 2004 and we would like to continue similar projects. We have not yet identified the villages. Historically, our projects cost between $10-20,000.


Maharashtra, Western, India


Primary Focus: Drinking Water - Community
Secondary Focus: Water - Community

People Getting Safe Drinking Water: 0

Villages to be identified, but estimated 2000 people can be reached for applied funding.

School Children Getting Water:

People Getting Sanitation: 0

Sanitation not part of this project

People Getting Other Benefits:

Start Date: 2006-02-01

Completion Date: 2007-03-30

Technology Used:

WOTR works on entire watershed development. The drinking water component is usually a well connected to an overhead storage tank with a distribution system to the community.


The projects will be done in one phase. The total amount required for completion of the activity will be given to the Water Committee in 3-4 installments.

Community Organization:

General Body Village meetings will be held several times with the villagers to discuss the problems and immediate needs of the village.

- A Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) will be conducted do determine the available infrastructure, resources and the social locations of the households.

- Organisation of the women will separate them into Self Help Groups. These groups will be federated under the Apex Body of all SHGS which is called the Samyukta Mahila Samitee (SMS).

-The SHGs and the SMS will spearhead the activity to solve the drinking water problem. The designing and the initial planning will be completed with the help of Village Development Committee and with the support of Gram Panchayat (local elected village body).

-The plan will need approval from WOTR’s technical engineers.

-Historically households have agreed to contribute 10% of the total cost of the project. Before the initiation of the activity, a separate Water Committee (Pani Samitee) of the women will be formed. The Water Committee and the SMS will be responsible for the implementation, supervision, quality control and monitoring of the activity which they have willing accepted to do.

-The project funds will be deposited directly to the Water Committee’s bank account and the Committee will handle all the transactions and will be responsible for the accounts.

Government Interaction:

Ancillary activities:

Two trainings will be conducted for the SMS and the Water Committee regarding the safe drinking water, health, hygiene and sustenance of the project after completion.

Other Issues:

Maintenance Revenue:

Exact model to be determined; our projects are designed for at least ten to fifteen year spans. After completion of the activity, a water tax will be collected from each household.

Maintenance Cost:


Prior art before metrics

Cost: $36,844

To be determined

Co Funding Amount: $6,844

Remainder of 2004 grant.

Community Contribution Amount:

Community will contribute at least ten percent of project cost.

Fund Requested: $30,000

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