plan 336Drinking Water and Sanitation to 10 coastal villages


The objectives are to:

1) improve the quality and quantity of drinking water by establishing community managed RO based drinking water supply systems.

2) promote Sanitation programs.

3) other community quality of life as listed in attached doc.


GHED is the local name given to the area in coastal belt of Saurashtra, which are located very close to the sea level and therefore remain inundated during rainy season, and where ground water is saline. During high tides sea water intrudes into the areas around habitations through creeks or drains and the rain water merges with the sea water. To counter large scale intrusion of sea water into the inland area through creeks weirs with gates have been constructed at places. These devices prevent flow of sea water inland during high tides. During low tide the storm water is let out into the sea by opening the gates.

The average annual rainfall of the year in this area is around 450 mm and is adequate to meet the water demand locally. However, this needs proper and adequate harvesting of rain water since only a part of it infiltrates into the ground while the rest drains off into the sea. The availability of ground water thus gets limited to the extent it infiltrates into the ground. It is observed that in most villages of GHED area the sweet water (infiltrated rain water) can last six to eight months during the year including the rainy season. For the remaining four to six months the ground water available from the wells gets saline as salt water intrusion from the sea occurs. The water quality test results carried out during the dry period of summer indicate that sea water intrusion raises TDS to levels that the ground water does not remain fit for drinking.


Ghed, Porbandar & Junagadh, India


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Primary Focus: Drinking Water - Community
Secondary Focus: Drinking Water - Households

People Getting Safe Drinking Water: 25,000

10 villages in Porbandar, Mangrol and Kodinar talukas of Porbandar and Junagadh districts, benefiting 4,221 households (25,000 beneficiaries), of which 40% are classified as Below Poverty Level (BPL).

School Children Getting Water:

People Getting Sanitation: 25,000

4,221 households (25,000 beneficiaries), of which 40% are classified as Below Poverty Level (BPL).

People Getting Other Benefits:

Start Date: 2009-04-01

Completion Date: 2011-12-31

Technology Used:

Community level capacity building initiatives for construction, operation and
maintenance of the RO based drinking water supply units;
• Training and capacity building inputs for enhancing the Knowledge, Attitude and Practices related to safe sanitation and making all the villages Open Defecation Free villages;
• Comprehensive village level drinking water storage and supply network;
• Construction of individual HH level sanitation units, compost pits, soak pits, biogas/ NADEP units / smokeless chullahs



Community Organization:

Several initiatives (see attached doc)

Government Interaction:

Ancillary activities:


Other Issues:


o Improved access to drinking and domestic water needs through provision of treated potable water. Currently it is planned to provide the village with at least 20 lpcd to about 60 lpcd, and extended as per demand and success of the model.

o Substantial reduction in drudgery and time of women for fetching domestic water.

o 100% individual household toilet coverage as against merely average 15% coverage

o Promotion of improved hygiene and sanitation practices like appropriate hand washing practices, daily bathing practices, appropriate domestic waste disposal system and improvement in health and environmental conditions

Maintenance Revenue:

Maintenance Cost:


Prior art before metrics

Cost: $1,833,000

Providing facilitation support to Village Water Committees, social mobilisation and awareness generation, capacity building and Information, Education & Communication

Co Funding Amount:

Community Contribution Amount: $485,987

Included in "Funds Applying For" by using org "Self"

Fund Requested: $1,833,000


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