plan 405Repair/Complete Water Well, Barina Agricultural Secondary School


Barina School in Makali, Sierra Leone has a partially completed water well intented for irrigation for the School garden and water for hand washing, cleaning and maintenance of the school. Water from this hand dug well is not suitable for drinking.


The Barina Agricultural Secondary School has 300 students and a staff of 10. Until 2011 there was no source of safe drinking water at the school. A hand dug well was started on the school grounds but was not completed. Water is present in this approximately 3m deep well, but it is located down-slope from the school latrines, is turbid and not considered suitble for drinking. A safe source of drinking water was needed and in 2011 PWX member Bank On Rain supervised the installation of a rainwater harvesting system designed to supply potable water throughout the year. The school wishes to complete the unfinished well for use in the hand washing stations during dry months when insufficent rain water can be collected from the latrine roof and as a source for irrigation water for the school garden. The unfinished well is a safely hazard on the school grounds.


Makali, Northern Province, Tonkolili District, Sierra Leone


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Primary Focus: Sanitation - Schools
Secondary Focus: Water station for other use

People Getting Safe Drinking Water: 330

300 students and staff of 10

School Children Getting Water: 300

300 secondary students from Makali Town and the surrounding area

People Getting Sanitation: 330

Hand washing stations at the school latrines are adequate during the rainy months but have insufficient tank capacity for the dry season, when wash water can be supplied from the well.

People Getting Other Benefits: 300

Since Barina is an agricultural training school, irrigation from the completed well can maintain school gardens throughout the year. Also, water for other non-potable uses such as cleaning can be supplied.

Start Date: 2012-09-30

Completion Date: 2012-10-06

Technology Used:

The unfinished well lacks only the upper cement ring, a cement cover and a pump to be complete and functional. The staff and local labor have the skills and experience to finish the well construction and are only lacking in the materials. 15 bags of cement and a hand water pump are required to finish the job, these being available in Makeni, 63 km NW of Makali.


The project will consist of a single phase, completion of the well by staff and students when the remaining supplies can be obtained.

Community Organization:

Since we do not anticpate any involvlement by outside organizations to complete the well, permission from the Paramount Chief (who happens to live in Makali) or the village elders will be required. The School Principal, J.C. Tarawali is responsible for the school facilities and will be the responsible party to oversee the completion of well for the school.

Government Interaction:

Completion of the well will be an internal project within the school grounds and will have no connection nor input from the School District, Village or other government organizations..

Ancillary activities:

The well has remained unfinished for some time, so the completion can involve new students that can learn construction of wells and pump intallation/repair from the school staff and pump technician.

Other Issues:

No other issues are anticipated.

Maintenance Revenue:

Staff training and supply of spare parts should keep pump operational for 3 - 5 years. A full lower unit repair kit was included in the budget.

Maintenance Cost: $20


Bank On Rain maintains communication with the teaching staff and other NGO's with active projects at this school (notably Pedals for Africa, and receive periodic status reports

Cost: $1,800

Cost as outlined plus wire transfer and other associated fees

Co Funding Amount: $1,800

PWX member Bank On Rain, funding complete as of June 21, 2012

Community Contribution Amount: $50

Labor of students and staff to assist the pump technican and mason.

Fund Requested: $0


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    Rajesh Shah of Peer Water Exchange

    This application will inherit the peer review of BoR's other similar application and reduce the peer review efforts for all. As it is, no funds are asked for and the results of the first project at the site are stellar so its a no-b...

    This application will inherit the peer review of BoR's other similar application and reduce the peer review efforts for all.

    As it is, no funds are asked for and the results of the first project at the site are stellar so its a no-brainer approval.

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Repair/Complete Water Well, Barina Agricultural Secondary School completed Mar 2013 1,800