plan 65Peri-urban Water and Sanitation


In Nafadji, the sprawling slum area around the perimeter of Mali's capital city, Bamako, less than 50% of the population has access to water. This project creates a water supply and sanitation system, coupled with hygiene education for residents.


This project takes place in conjunction with local partner, JIGI, in Nafadji, the sprawling slum area around the perimeter of Mali’s capital city, Bamako. Unplanned development means that poor communities living in this area have little or no infrastructure. In 2003 it was estimated that 10,000 were living in this area, and less than 50% had access to safe water, under 15% had access to sanitation and the school was completely lacking in water and sanitation facilities.


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Primary Focus: Drinking Water - Community
Secondary Focus: Sanitation - Community

People Getting Safe Drinking Water: 2,500

School Children Getting Water:

People Getting Sanitation: 640

People Getting Other Benefits:

Start Date: 2004-04-01

Completion Date: 2006-03-15

Technology Used:

supply standpipes, household latrines, household compost pits and a school sanitation block


one phase

Community Organization:

Government Interaction:

Ancillary activities:

There is difficulty getting populations to use soap because of the cost in the region. Therefore, possibilities of training local women in soap manufacturing will be explored.

Other Issues:

One initiative incorporated into this project is to encourage women to use covered buckets to fetch water. This improves the quality of drinking water and reduces disease by reducing the possibility of contamination of water whilst being transported from the water source to the home. A covered carrying vessel is not only an important part of the water supply chain, but it also means less water is spilt on the journey. A revolving credit scheme will be used to help poor women get access to appropriate buckets.

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Cost: $59,153


Co Funding Amount: $43,537


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Fund Requested: $15,616

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Name Status Completion Date Final Cost
Peri-urban Water and Sanitation Project 2004 completed Mar 2005 59,153