PWX Network Keeps Growing

July 2, 2008

Two organizations were granted membership into the Peer Water Exchange in June 2008 raising the total number of members to 24, and also expanding the countries covered by PWX by two.

Ruvuma Aid for the Poor and Disabled (PADI), based in Songea, Tanzania was referred by Run for Africa.

Agua Par la Salud, which has been doing water projects in Guatemala for 14 years, was referred by El Porvenir. With one of the 21 Blue Planet Runners from Guatemala, BPRF was seeking a presence there.

"Its very exciting to see the network grow", said Rajesh. "These two organizations are very local. Neither of them have a website, and its virtually impossible for people outside their region to learn about them. PWX can support them and be their website. PWX will connect them to peers around the world and the public too. Not only can they learn from larger and more international partners, they can share their experiences, and others can learn from them too."

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