PWX AnalytiX Launched!

Business Analytics Tools to Support the Water and Sanitation Sector

Bangalore, India
15 September 2010

The Peer Water Exchange today announced the availability of PWX AnalytiX. Seeing the lack of business analytics / business intelligence tools to serve the non-profit sector, PWX AnalytiX was created to serve the WASH Sector.

We started the project by conducting a survey and analyzing the results to learn the requirements, expectations of members of the WASH sector.

The first release of PWX AnalytiX provides basic help in looking at impact - Impact AnalytiX. This allows us to see trends by implementer, by funder, and across PWX: the largest repository of water projects in the world. It also allows easy identification of missing and invalid data.

PWX has now a very powerful dashboard for members that leads to Project AnalytiX. This combination of map and list has a large set of filters to allow people to search by date, by organization, by funder, for projects that are running late, or have been visited by the implementer or a 3rd party, or have not been visited.

We also provide a brief introduction to business analytics and how PWX AnalytiX will serve the WASH sector now and in the future.

PWX AnalytiX was made possible by a generous grant by the Cisco Foundation.
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