Privacy for Field-HQ-Funder Communications

Peer Water Exchange introduces levels of privacy for communications within its network

October 8, 2012

Based on requests from the member network, PWX has deployed a privacy feature to serve its constituents and the entire water sector better.

Many PWX members have been using the platform to manage their water projects, even ones that were not funded thru PWX. Communications from the field have been migrating to PWX as it provides easy way to store and organize them and also to share them across the organization and beyond. Organizations using PWX have found that they can better handle staff turnover and train new staff if their project history is online.

One major request has surfaced - the ability to keep some of this communication private to the organization.

In response, PWX is releasing a privacy feature that allows each note from the field to be marked private:
Private - visible only within the organization
Nodal - visible only within a node - a family of organizations
Funder - visible to the funder also
Peer - visible within the PWX network
Public - visible to all.

PWX provides a way to set defaults for all website communication and SMS messages separately and to be able to set a privacy level for each note.

The PWX platform upgrade was made possible by a generous grant by the Cisco Foundation.
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